Canadians have chosen yoga for numerous reasons including flexibility, fun, mental relaxation, and so on. If you are an Indian Yoga teacher, you have maximum chances of getting yoga teacher jobs in Canada, because there is a shortage of Yoga instructors in provinces of Canada. 

The demand for yoga teachers has increased in Canada since a larger population has started to understand the importance of yoga for health. 

This article will help you learn each and every aspect of getting a canada visa for yoga teacher. You will get more chances of grabbing a yoga teacher vacancy in canada if you are already practicing in India as the authorities would prefer you over other Yoga instructor applications. 




A yoga instructor, also known as a yoga teacher, is a qualified person who guides students through the fitness and wellness practices of yoga in group class settings. 

Recreational, sporting, and fitness program teachers and leaders guide and educate both groups and individuals in these programs. Fitness assessors carry out fitness examinations and tests and create, develop, and present fitness regimens.

They work for community centers, fitness and health amenities, outdoor recreation areas, resorts, retirement homes, detention facilities, government agencies, commercial companies, tourism associations, and organizations like these.

  1. Aerobics instructor
  2. Camp counselor
  3. Certified personal trainer
  4. Day camp leader
  5. Fitness appraiser
  6. Fitness instructor
  7. Gymnastics teacher
  8. Personal trainer
  9. Playground worker
  10. Recreation program leader
  11. Recreation technician
  12. Riding instructor
  13. Ski instructor
  14. Swimming instructor – sports


The primary responsibilities are limited to what the title suggests. But in truth, being a yoga teacher encompasses much more. It also has numerous administrative and mentoring responsibilities.

  • Plan and carry out sports, athletic, and recreational activities
  • Gather supplies, sporting goods, and gaming gear
  • Sports, fitness, or athletic techniques should be demonstrated and taught.
  • Manage groups and individuals in recreational or hobbies and instruct groups and people in arts, crafts, and related activities.
  • Taking care of customers with particular needs
  • provide lifestyle education material
  • Engage in therapeutic recreation or athletic endeavors
  • When necessary, provide emergency or medical help while keeping an eye on recreational, sporting, or fitness activities to guarantee their safety.
  • Enforce safety guidelines and laws
  • Aid in the planning of unique events
  • Plan out activities, keep records, log actions, and create reports.
  • It’s possible to manage workers, train them, and maintain and fix sporting goods.


Before applying for a Canada Visa for yoga teacher, you must make sure that you fulfill the eligibility criteria for an Indian yoga teacher in canada. Have a look at the requirements for becoming a yoga teacher in Canada.

  • Certification of alliance with Canadian Yoga Alliance.
  • Experience in Organization and time management
  • At least 200 hours of experience as a Yoga Teacher
  • First Aid certificate, including Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
  • Fundamental knowledge of health/fitness
  • A specific level of physical fitness
  • Knowledge of the Chakra System, Pranayama, mantra, and mindful meditation.
  • Business and administration skills.
  • Ability to adapt to contrasting working conditions.


Becoming a yoga teacher in Canada is not so complicated for people who are already practicing as a yoga teacher. However, if you desire to work as a yoga teacher in Canada even if you don’t have experience, this article explains all steps of getting yoga teacher training Canada.

Step 1

Learning Yoga is not just about learning the positions. It is about learning the essence of yoga. You must understand everything about the process. You must also be able to answer all the questions related to it for example, why is yoga necessary, why people do it, and what are physical and mental health. 

To answer these questions, you will be required to understand all forms of yoga and its benefits. This is the only way you may specialize in a particular field. You are also required to have a deep knowledge of top yoga forms to get the maximum yoga teacher salary in canada.

  • Hatha
  • Vinyasa
  • Ashtanga
  • Hot Yoga
  • Vin Yoga, etc.

Step 2
Take Yoga Teacher Training

In case you are a fresher and do not have experience as a Yoga teacher in Canada, then you would be required to get training to get one of the yoga teacher jobs in Canada.

Yoga practice is one thing, but passing on your knowledge to others is quite another. You have to therefore discover how to impart this knowledge. You’ll need to take training and acquire additional knowledge beyond what you learned from studying. 

These courses typically have a curriculum of 200 or 300 hours and you will discover the philosophy of yoga, its background, and a great deal.

Step 3
Get Yoga Trainer Certificate

If you have recently got training to become a yoga teacher in Canada, you have to register yourself with the Canadian Yoga Alliance often known as Yoga Alliance. 

Canada Yoga Alliance offers membership to trainers who desire to work in starting their practice in Canada. This authority honors your yogic link with the East and supports the integrity of yoga thought and practices in Canada.

This authority provides a license to start practicing yoga training in Canadian Provinces. This license is limited to Canada. You can also get a certificate if you want to teach a specific kind of yoga. 

You are also suggested to avail certificates for CPR and first aid. It will help you boost your CV to get yoga teacher jobs in canada.

Step 4
Become Indian Yoga Teacher in Canada

Once you have all the required credentials, decide on a specialism. Decide what yoga type you want to teach next, as well as whether or not your courses will only be open to particular age groups or medical problems. 

Finally, you’ll choose whether your courses are intended for people who are recovering from an injury, expectant ladies, athletes, or just anyone interested.

Step 5
Stay Updated

To continue to practice as a yoga teacher in Canada, you need to have certain certificates and licenses. 

One of them is the registration fee for yoga alliance teachers. Your first aid certification can also have a periodic expiration date or need to be renewed at some time. 

So pay attention to the details and make sure you maintain your qualifications.


You may be considering if it is worthwhile seeking a career as a yoga instructor in Canada. Below are some major benefits of working as a Yoga Teacher in Canada. 

Canada Permanent Residency 

Getting a yoga teacher job in Canada can make you eligible for permanent residency in Canada. The profile of the yoga instructor is mentioned under the National Occupational Classification, as there is a shortage of instructors in Canada. If you can secure a job in any of the Canadian provinces, then you can apply for Canada PR. 

Act of Philanthropy

Being a yoga teacher gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you have assisted many individuals in finding clarity, health, and other things. Yoga instruction might even be considered a charitable deed.

Work-Life Balance

You can work as a full-time yoga instructor, but there are other options as well. Consequently, you may utilize it as an opportunity to earn some extra money after work or on the weekends. It assists you in maintaining equilibrium and keeps your daily calendar busy.

Expand your knowledge

No one is perfect at yoga. But while you instruct yoga, you acquire fresh knowledge and experience. Your ability to teach improves your skills. More and more practice and in-depth knowledge of yoga can also improve your skills.

Earn Money From Your Passion

Working is one thing, but getting paid to perform something you love is quite another. The only thing better than doing yoga is making money.


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