The Robertson College (Winnipeg) was established in the year of 1911 in the heart of downtown Winnipeg. Initially named the Robertson Career College, the institute was formally renamed the Robertson College over the years, as it began to include a diverse range of programs into its academic curriculum. The institute offers flexible learning options, allowing students to opt for online, offline, and hybrid modes of learning. The college aims to provide its students with the right career choices and intends to help them make the right choices for a successful career. 



The founders of Robertson College (Winnipeg) believe that every student needs the skills required to navigate through the changing workforce of today. Their programs have been built keeping in mind that a creative learning format can help students understand better. Irrespective of the career path that they decide to choose, every student is guided and trained by industry-leading professionals and experts who help them develop hands-on training through classroom teaching. 

The team at Robertson College is dedicated and committed to helping every student succeed in their academics and beyond, supporting them throughout their journey to success. Students at Robertson College are introduced to a welcoming environment that is both supportive and inclusive and learn to create an impact in the rapidly changing world of present times. 

There are several good reasons why Robertson College becomes a great option for higher education:

  • Students have the benefit of choosing programs with varying lengths depending on what fits their purpose. In simpler terms, students at Robertson can begin a meaningful career in a year or even less with the skills required to build a successful and rewarding future.
  • The programs offered by the college are industry-relevant, designed keeping in mind the market demands and needs. 
  • A faculty of skilled professionals and industry-led experts ensures that the students receive the right guidance and mentoring, allowing them to become equally experienced and trained to thrive in the global workforce. 
  • The college offers accredited diploma programs to its students. Most of its programs are recognized by industry organizations and reviewed timely by their industry partners to ensure that its students are taught the curriculum that is relevant to the current demands of the workplace. 
  • Every student becomes eligible for employment assistance after the successful completion of their studies. The Workforce Team of the college guides the students throughout their respective academic journeys. 
  • Students at Robertson College are offered a wealth of funding options to help ease their financial burden. These financial aids come in the form of student loans, government grants, bank or credit unions, and several other funding options. 
  • The college is committed to fostering an inclusive learning environment that is diverse as well as equitable to all its students, staff members, and external partners. 
  • The college’s relationships with its industry partners help students build worthy connections and network with several industry organizations, which further aids them with placement opportunities. 


At Robertson College (Winnipeg), students are exposed to wide-ranging benefits. The campus facilities are aimed towards making the academic experience all the more fun and free of hassle. Aside from the specialized courses and programs designed to build them into the change makers of tomorrow, the college offers several other advantages that make students from all across the globe come and study at the institute:

  • In-person orientation: every international student receives an in-person orientation which helps them get acquainted with the campus and get introduced to the amenities available to them. 
  • On-campus student support: in case of any questions/doubts about the program of study, finances, or any other general information, the on-campus student support specialists always offer easy and quick assistance. 
  • Prayer room: all learners have access to the prayer rooms where they can self-reflect or meditate. 
  • Workforce Team: The Workforce Team of the college guides the students throughout their respective academic journeys. The team guides them through their resumes and cover letters, mock interviews, job searching, networking and letter writing. 
  • The Junction: this coworking leisure space allows students to collectively gather and share ideas and find a sense of community on the college campus. 
  • Massage Clinic: the on-campus massage therapy clinic allows students to relax and rejuvenate and manage their stress. 
  • Student Lounge: the lounge allows the students to eat, relax, or simply hang out with their classmates. 
  • Cultural Activities: students can participate in weekly cultural activities that take place both on and off-campus. Some examples include live hockey games, and sightseeing around local hotspots.  


Robertson College (Winnipeg) allows its students to choose from online, offline, and hybrid modes of learning. The college provides several diploma programs, and self-led micro-courses to students. 

Following are the subjects and fields of study offered by the college to its students: 

Community Services 


  • Winnipeg
  • Edmonton 
  • Calgary 


  • Accounting and Payroll Administrator.
  • Accounting Technician. 
  • Active Listening to Lead.
  • Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper.
  • Administrative Office Assistant.
  • Business Administration- Event Planning and Hospitality.
  • Business Administration- Executive Assistant. 
  • Business Administration- Human Resource Coordinator.
  • Business Intelligence.
  • Child Development 1
  • College Readiness. 

In addition to post-secondary training programs, international students are offered two other Intensive Academic English Programs:

  • Intensive Academic English (IAE 3)- Upper Intermediate.  
  • Intensive Academic English (IAE 4)- Advanced. 


In order to become eligible for a certificate program, international students must follow the below-mentioned instructions while filling out the application form:

  • The applicant must have a High School Diploma or any other equivalent. 
  • Applicants must have completed Grade 12 English and Grade 12 Math. 
  • Applicants are required to take a Practical Applied Cultural and Employment (PACE) course to become eligible for diploma and Advanced Diploma programs. 
  • Applicants are required to provide their English Language Proficiency Test Scores meeting the below-mentioned requirements: 
  1. IELTS: 6.0
  2. TOEFL iBT: 68 or higher
  3. Can Test: 4 or higher in all components
  4. CLB: 7 or higher 


After ensuring that you meet all the eligibility conditions/admission requirements, you must go through the following instructions to carry out the application process:

  • Ensure that you are eligible for admission to the college.
  • Duly fill out the application form online. 
  • Submit all the necessary documents.
  • Pay the application fee and wait till the application form has been reviewed.
  • Receive an Admission Offer, and deposit the tuition fees to confirm your acceptance.
  • Receive an official Letter of Acceptance from the college. 


While filling out the application form of the college, all students must keep the following documents ready for submission:

  • High School Diploma and official transcripts of previously attended educational institutions.
  • Proof of English Language Proficiency Test Scores.
  • Copy of Passport ID page.
  • Copy of a valid Study Permit.
  • Additional supporting documents (if any).
  • Credit card information is required for the payment of the application fee of $225.


  1. Expert Visa counselors provide Step-by-step guidance through a secure, online process.  
  2. Apt evaluation of credentials and faster visa processing. 
  3. Identifying all potential hazards and roadblocks in securing a visa. 
  4. Assistance with documentation, immigration rules, citizenship, and border control procedures.
  5. Multiple case assessment for better conflict resolution.
  6. Designated process managers to provide personalized guidance.

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