Nipissing University was founded in 1992 as an independent university to address the unique needs of Northern Ontario. This commitment underpins Nipissing’s strategic priorities for the student experience as well as academic and research excellence.

Nipissing University

Nipissing provides a unique educational opportunity for students interested in nursing, offering four distinct programs that cover a wide range of topics. This allows students to explore different areas of nursing and specialize in the subjects they are most passionate about. Additionally, Nipissing has a long-standing reputation for excellence in education, so students can be sure they are receiving the highest quality education.


As a university that focuses primarily on undergraduate students, Nipissing consistently ranks at the top of the nation in terms of student support, student experience, faculty, and residences. This is a result of the strategic focus the University has placed on ensuring the success of its students. The academic environment that students are placed in is built on individualized teaching strategies, cutting-edge methods of instruction, and a developing research culture. 

Out of the more than 40 programs the University offers, more than 15 courses are available to undergraduate students. The institute, which is officially accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Advanced education and Skills Development, maintains a student-to-faculty ratio of 26:1 to guarantee high-quality instruction and individualized attention for each applicant. Even first-year students with averages of 90% or higher are eligible for free tuition.



  • Nipissing University’s campus is in the North Bay of Ontario, close to Lake Nipissing.
  • The campus is located 3.5 hours from Toronto and 4 hours from Ottawa, making it a vibrant destination.
  • The University is about a 15-minute drive from the nearest train station and airport.
  • The University operates a private portal through which students can obtain necessities ranging from textbooks and accessories to official University merchandise.
  • With a population of 54,000 people, North Bay is rated as the safest place to study in Canada.
  • It also has a second campus in Brantford that is a satellite campus of Nipissing University and offers professional development courses as well as part-time master’s degree programs in education.


  • The institute provides accommodation to its students in either the suite-styled or townhouse-style complexes available on the campus.
  • The on-campus residence halls are granted only to Undergraduate students. Graduate students do not apply to this program.
  • The Suite-styled complex accommodates 4 students at a time. At the same time, the Townhouse-styled complex accommodates 6 students at a time.
  • Some common amenities include:
  1. Smoke-free accommodation policy
  2. Centralized CCTV security
  3. Personalized television in the living room and bedroom
  4. Games room
  5. Social lounges


  • The University offers international students a wide range of courses, including undergraduate, graduate, and certification programs.
  • The University offers over 40 undergraduate, 7 graduate, and 17 certification programs every year.
  • These programs are divided into 2 faculties and 4 schools, which are as follows:
  1. Faculty of Applied and Professional Studies
  2. Faculty of Arts and Science
  3. Schulich School of education
  4. School of Graduate Studies
  5. School of Nursing
  6. School of Business
  7. School of Criminology and Criminal Justice
  8. School of Human and Social Development
  • The most popular programs for undergraduate studies include Computer Science, Economics, Nursing, Business, and History, among others.
  • Master of Arts in History, Master of Arts in Sociology, Master of education, Master of Environmental Studies, Master of Science in Mathematics, and Master of Science in Kinesiology are some well-known graduate programs.
  • It also offers flex time for working professionals to study while continuing employment. They can choose from the schedules online via Blackboard Learn, on-site over weeknight sessions, or on-site over a series of weekends.

Undergraduate courses

AnthropologyClassical studiesCommerce
Biology Computer science Criminal justice
Business administration Data ScienceEconomics
Child and family studiesEnvironment and physical geographyEnglish studies 
Environmental geographyEnvironmental biology and technologyFine arts
Geography Gender equality and social justiceHistory
Indegiosn studiesSocial welfare and social development Nurses
Liberal science liberal arts Mathematics 
PhilosophyPhysical and held educationSocial work
Social science Religions and culture Sociology 

Graduate and post-graduate

Education consecutiveEnvironmental science and studiesEducation, MED
Mathematics, MScPhD. in education: educational sustainably Scholar-Practitioner Program
History, MAKinesiologySociology, MA



Application portal: Applicants shall apply for online applications at the Ontario Universities Application Center (OUAC)

Application Fee: CAD 130

Application deadline: Applicants should submit their application requests before January 1 to be considered for priority admissions.

Biasc Admission Requirements: Applicants must follow the checklist of documents to avoid any last-minute rejection:

  • Official transcripts of high school or equivalent secondary school attended.
  • Proof of name change if the name differs in the high transcripts and admission form.
  • Scorecard of English Proficiency Test taken. Applicants can check the expected cutoff for consideration of their application:
Test Score


  1. Candidates must be at least 17 years of age.
  2. Scanned copies of original transcripts of secondary school grades.
  3. Proof of English Language proficiency.


  1. Resume
  2. Letter of Intent
  3. Proof of graduation (copy of degree certificate, provisional certificate, marks sheets, etc.)
  4. Transcripts from post-secondary studies
  5. Proof of English Language Proficiency
  6. Letter of Reference


For all the prospective students of the institute seeking admission in the coming sessional term, an estimated Cost of living in Canada has been tabulated below

TuitionCAD 13,000- CAD 23,300
Ancillary fees1,100 CAD
Buss pass250 CAD
Book and supplies 2,000 CAD
Meals 5,000 CAD

The due dates for the submission of payment are as follows:

Fall Fees6th September
Winter Fees10th January 


The University runs an entire chain of scholarships in Canada for International students. More than 75% of students renew their scholarships every term. The last date for scholarship form submission is April 1.

A few notable scholarships available for the students include:

  • Chancellor’s Award: CAD 10,000
  • Schulich Education Scholarships: CAD 7,000
  • Entrance Awards: CAD 500-CAD 3,000
  • President’s Scholarship: 3,000 CAD
  • Carl Sanders Scholarship: 2,500 CAD
  • Schulich Education Scholarship: 7,000 CAD


  1. Expert Visa counselors provide Step-by-step guidance through a secure, online process.  
  2. Apt evaluation of credentials and faster visa processing. 
  3. Identifying all potential hazards and roadblocks in securing a visa. 
  4. Assistance with documentation, immigration rules, citizenship, and border control procedures.
  5. Multiple case assessment for better conflict resolution.
  6. Designated process managers to provide personalized guidance.

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