Located in Quebec, Montreal is Canada’s largest province. It is home to almost 11 universities and 60 colleges, offering a range of interesting courses and programs of study to international students from across the globe. Consistently ranked among the best cities for students, Montreal is another educational hub for international students. Colleges in Montreal offer several opportunities to students, which adds experience to their resumes. Furthermore, Montreal is home to major companies like Bell, Google, and Desjardins, allowing students to gain plenty of internship opportunities while studying in Montreal. 



According to the QS Best Student Cities 2022, Montreal is among the top-rated destinations for international students. Students studying in colleges in Montreal have the opportunity to start working in Quebec, both during and after the completion of their studies. After graduating, they become a part of the booming job market, which helps them gain significant experience in leading sectors like aerospace, big data, and virtual reality. 

Given below are some of the reasons why you should choose to study in Montreal and how colleges in Montreal would enhance your academic experience further-

  • Best universities – colleges in Montreal provide a wide array of programs to international students, along with exceptional study opportunities. 
  • Relatively cheaper – Montreal is amongst the cheapest cities for students, especially with an affordable cost of living, owing to its increasing population of 4 million. 
  • Vast job market – Due to the immense growth witnessed in the job market, companies seek to hire international students. 
  • Employment/work opportunities – Montreal is amongst the best places to offer students several internships and job opportunities. 
  • A multicultural capital – A diverse city, Montreal is home to a diverse range of schools and extravagant culture. 
  • Post-study rights– Montreal offers post-study rights to public and private educational institutions students. 
  • 3-year Bachelor’s, unlike other provinces, Montreal allows students to complete their Bachelor’s degree in 3 years. 


Being an international student wanting to study in colleges in Montreal, it is important for you to know the best possible options, so you make an informed choice and opt for what best suits your purpose. 

The following is a list of the best/top colleges of Montreal for international students- 

RankUniversityIELTS/ TOEFLAverage Tuition FeeApplication DeadlineLanguage of Instruction
31 (QS Global)McGill UniversityIELTS: 6.5 or above / TOEFL iBT: 85 or aboveCAD 35,000June 1 for the term beginning the following fallEnglish
101-150 (QS Global)University of MontrealIELTS: 6.5 or above / TOEFL iBT: 86 or aboveCAD 14,000Three different intakes in Fall, Winter and SummerEnglish
106 (Webometrics National)Vanier CollegeIELTS: 6.5 or above / TOEFL iBT 80 or aboveCAD 12,500Winter and Autumn intakesEnglish
571-580 (QS Global)School of Higher Technology, University of QuebecIELTS 6 or above / TOEFL iBT 80 or aboveCAD 21,148April / August/ DecemberFrench
28 (Webometrics National)Polytechnic School of MontrealIELTS 6.5 or above / TOEFL iBT 90 or aboveCAD 19,000March, June and NovemberFrench
133-175 (US News Regional Universities North)College RosemontIELTS: 6.5 or above / TOEFL iBT: 85 or aboveCAD 19,000January/ March/ NovemberEnglish and French
38(US News Regional Universities North)Lasalle CollegeIELTS: 6.5 or above / TOEFL iBT: 86 or aboveCAD 24,500Fall,Winter and Summer intakesFrench and English
80 (QS Global)HEC MontrealIELTS: 7.0 or above / TOEFL iBT of 95 or aboveCAD 48,984January, May and SeptemberEnglish
551 – 560 (QS Global)Concordia UniversityIELTS: 7.0 or above / TOEFL iBT of 95 or aboveCAD 25,000Winter and SummerEnglish and French
106 (Webometrics National)Dawson CollegeIELTS: 6.0 or above / TOEFL iBT of 61 or aboveCAD 16,000November 1 for Winter Semester and March 1 for Fall SemesterEnglish


Montreal has been the seat of education since as early as 1821. In all these years, Montreal has seen leaders in science and engineering, as well as medicine and business, pass out of its colleges and universities. Due to this academic legacy of the colleges in Montreal, Montreal has become one of the most preferred destinations among students from across the globe for higher studies. 

Colleges in Montreal offer a wide range of scholarships to aspiring international students based on either merit or need. Given below is a list of the available scholarships that an applicant can consider while applying to colleges in Montreal- 

  • TheUniversity of Montreal Exemption Scholarships for International Students
  • McGill’s Entrance Scholarship program
  • Vanier Scholarships for International Students
  • Rosemont Merit Scholarships 
  • Lasalle Merit Scholarships 
  • MBA Scholarships at HEC Montreal
  • EduCanada Scholarships at Concordia


TheUniversity of Montreal Exemption Scholarships for International Students

  • This  scholarship is offered to students pursuing an undergraduate degree, PhD, or Masters. 
  • Scholarship amount is up to $27,300 per year. 
  • All international students who have a valid study permit while engaged in a full-time study program is eligible for this scholarship. 

McGill’s Entrance Scholarship program

  • This scholarship is offered to students pursuing a PhD, Masters and Undergraduate program. 
  • Scholarship amount is up to $8,500 for students of postgraduate and undergraduate programs. 

Concordia International Scholars

  • This scholarship is applicable to all international students.
  • Students who are applying for their first time undergraduate degree are eligible to apply. They must however begin their courses at the university in the Fall. 

Concordia Presidential Scholarship

  • This scholarship is applicable to all international students. 
  • It applies to students pursuing full-time undergraduate programs. 
  • Every year, two such nominated scholarships take place.
  • Students should be nominated by the nominators for the scholarship.


Apart from these individual scholarships, the Government of Quebec offers a Merit Scholarship Program at the university level. It aims tto  recruit the best international candidates into programs that have further research prospects, and job opportunities.  


To study in the colleges in Montreal, it is important for you to have a Certificate of Acceptance in Quebec (CAQ) given to you by the Government of Quebec, and a valid study permit given to you by the Government of Canada. 

Following is a list of things that you may require for a Certificate of Acceptance, as well as a study visa


  • Payment of application fee
  • Document testifying acceptance into an educational institution in Quebec
  • Agreement of agreeing to all stated conditions 
  • Financial proof
  • Sufficient funds to finance yourself for the first year of study 


  • Acceptance letter from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI)
  • Valid travel document or passport 
  • Certificate of Acceptance in Quebec (CAQ)
  • Identity proof
  • Financial proof
  • Letter of Explanation (if needed)


  1. Expert Visa counselors provide Step-by-step guidance through a secure, online process.  
  2. Apt evaluation of credentials and faster visa processing. 
  3. Identifying all potential hazards and roadblocks in securing a visa. 
  4. Assistance with documentation, immigration rules, citizenship, and border control procedures.
  5. Multiple case assessment for better conflict resolution.
  6. Designated process managers to provide personalized guidance.

Just like the basics of anything act as “building blocks” forming a strong foundation for constructing complex structures. The Basics of Immigration serve as the foundational elements of moving abroad, for any aspiring immigrant.

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