Every foreign student’s dream these days is to study in Canada. Canada is aesthetically pleasing with its rocky mountains, shoreline views, and historic buildings. It also has an economy that ranks tenth in the world and top-notch education. In addition, Canada has one of the greatest immigrant populations in the world. Over a million immigrants are expected to enter the country in the upcoming years. 

Academy of learning college

Since Canadian universities are well regarded internationally, more than 5L foreign students are accepted each year. With a total of 2.1L Study permits awarded in 2021, Indian students have the highest percentage among them. Of all the English-speaking countries, Canadian institutions are the most affordable and graduating from one can lead to job prospects.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have granted the Academy of Learning Toronto permission to enroll and accept overseas students. O19859544417 is the designated learning institution number.


The Academy of Learning credits its quick expansion to its ability to spot and close the gap between the formal educational opportunities currently offered in Canada and the demands of the working world. By offering specialized, practical, and cost-effective programs, they help learners find the required solutions.

The Academy of Learning Career College prides itself as a training provider trusted by students, businesses, and governmental organizations in the competitive business world of today, where quality training is not just vital but essential to career success. The Academy of Learning Career College offers more than 30 diploma and certificate programs for students to select from.


Please make sure you meet the following requirements before enrolling at the Academy of Learning College, Bay & Queen Campus. The authority would require proof of acceptance in order to submit the Letter of Acceptance that you need to apply for a student visa.

To enroll in classes at the Academy of Learning College Toronto campus, you have to be at least 18 years old.

Admission to a diploma program at the Academy of Learning Career College requires successful completion of high school. 

You can be asked for a copy of your high school transcript or diploma.

Before enrolling in a diploma program, you might need to take an English language exam such as IELTS if English is not your first language.

  1. Fill up the International Student Application Form Online
  2. Submit a copy of your passport
  3. Attempt and clear the admission entrance test
  4. Prepare and meet the Academy of Learning College IELTS requirement
  5. Submit the non-refundable administration fees which is, CAD 500
  6. Submit all the required documents in the proper format
  7. Wait for the letter of acceptance
  8. On the very first day of classes, the remaining payments should be cleared.

Note – The administration fee won’t be returned if your application for a study visa or permission is rejected or if you decide to end the process. A Letter of Acceptance will be given after your registration contract has been processed.


Academy of Learning College Toronto Campus provides eligible students from all over the world with the opportunity to enjoy the best in Canadian culture and education. 

It is situated in the center of gorgeous downtown Toronto. The best possible learning environment is provided by the way our classes are set up. 

The welcoming faculty, staff, and students create a welcoming environment that transforms our campus into an intimate place away from home. With its location in Toronto, one of the world’s most multicultural cities, there is never a lack of things to do, see, or discover.

Independent Atmosphere 

People can immediately tell and sense the difference at the Academy of Learning Career College as soon as they enter the building. We act as a starting point for new careers. Students want a self-sufficient environment and an office-like setting for learning.

Builds Confidence While Building Skills

The Academy of Learning Career College is committed to assisting students in achieving their objectives—quickly, simply, and in an environment that fosters confidence while fostering skill development. In a work-like setting, students receive rigorous hands-on instruction.

One-On-One Support

STUDENT Support is always available at the Academy of Learning Career College anytime it is required. For every stage of every course, devoted, qualified facilitators are accessible to provide one-on-one assistance. Our top goal is the instruction of our students. Every step of the way, we make sure they receive the assistance they require.

High-Quality Curriculum

Students can start preparing for a job right away and be prepared to enter the workforce sooner thanks to ongoing course enrollment. We are dedicated to providing our students with a top-notch education and skill development to give them a competitive advantage in the workforce.


Academy of Learning Career College – Toronto is one of the world’s most well-known institutions for higher education. Academy of Learning Career College, the university is home to about international students, promoting inclusivity and diversity. The university is globally recognised for its high-quality education and research output.

1. Accounting and Payroll Administrator

2. Administrative Assistant

3. Administrative Assistant and Business Administration Diploma

4. Business Accounting

5. Business Administration

6. Business Administration Co-op

7. Business Administration Diploma

8. Business Administration Diploma and Accounting & Payroll Administrator

9. Business Administration Diploma and Conference and Event Planner

10. Business Administration Diploma and Project Administration

11. Business Office Accounting Clerk

12. Business Office Administration

13. Business Office Skills

14. Business Service Essentials Co-op

15. Civil Engineering Design Technology

16. Civil Engineering Design Technology and Project Administration

17. Community Service Worker

18. Community Service Worker (Instructor-Led, Practicum)

19. Computer Service Technician

20. Computerized Accounting

21. Computerized Accounting and Accounting & Payroll Administrator

22. Conference & Event Planner and Project Administration

23. Conference and Event Planner

24. Conference and Event Planner and Project Administration

25. Customer Service and Information Clerk

26. Dental Administrative Assistant Certificate and Dental Administrative Assistant Diploma

27. Dental Administrative Assistant Diploma

28. Early Childcare Assistant

29. Graphic Designer

30. Home Inspection Certificate

31. Home Inspection Diploma

32. Immigration Administrative Assistant

33. International Hospitality Management

34. IT Security Specialist

35. IT Security Specialist and Project Administration

36. Law Clerk

37. Logistics and Supply Chain Operations

38. Marketing Coordinator

39. Marketing Coordinator and Business Administration

40. Marketing Coordinator and Project Administration

41. Mechanical Engineering Design Technology

42. Mechanical Engineering Design Technology and Project Administration

43. Medical Office Assistant

44. Medical Office Assistant (Instructor-Led, Practicum)

45. Medical Office Assistant with Health Unit Coordinator Specialty

46. Medical Office Assistant with Health Unit Coordinator Specialty (Instructor, Practicum)

47. Medical Receptionist

48. Microcomputer Business Applications

49. Network Administrator

50. Network Administrator

51. Network Administrator and Web Designer

52. Office Administration – Legal

53. Paralegal

54. Payroll And Accounting Certificate

55. PC Support Specialist

56. Personal Support Worker

57. Police Foundations

58. Project Administration

59. Sales Professional

60. Sales Professional

61. Web Designer

62. Web Designer and Project Adm


The Academy of Learning Career College is a specialized institution that offers computer training and business skills to adults in accordance with the integrated learning system. They provide diploma and certificate programs in a number of subject areas, including accounting, healthcare, community service, hospitality, and customer service, among others. Their curriculum is multi-sensory and includes everything from media presentations to hands-on exercises. 

Contact Basics of Immigration, BOI, for more information about the immigration process, student visa process, or assistance in getting admission to the Academy of Learning College.


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