The birthplace of medicare, this province offers free medical care and excellent healthcare services. Saskatchewan, Canada’s sunniest province is dependent on agriculture for its economy but that doesn’t stop it from advancing itself in engineering and tech related fields. The SINP occupation in demand list consists of the occupations that are in demand in Saskatchewan as per the Saskatchewan immigration nominee program and the Canada occupation demand list.


Saskatchewan invites thousands of immigrants everywhere to cater to its labor shortage and labor market needs,

If you’re looking to immigrate to Canada, apply for Saskatchewan PNP for a swift process.


The Saskatchewan immigrant nominee program, also known as the Saskatchewan provincial nominee program allows people who wish to settle in Canada apply for a Canadian PR under the Saskatchewan province if they meet the labor requirements of that particular province.

The Saskatchewan immigrant nominee program has four streams under which people can apply.

International skilled worker 

The international skilled worker stream is for the people who have suitable qualification, work experience and currently practice an occupation as the SINP occupation in demand list 2023.

Under the international skilled worker, there are 3 sub categories –

Employment offer

  • If you’re an international skilled worker qualifying for or practicing an occupation as per the SINP occupation in demand list 2023 and you have a job offer for your skilled occupation in Saskatchewan, then you’re eligible under this category.
  • You can live in Canada on a work permit and apply for this PR method too.
  • You just need a proper, eligible, transparent job offer stating that post your immigration you will work there for at least one year.

Occupations in Demand

  • Unlike the employment offer where you need an offer in order to apply under SINP, in occupations in demand category, you do not need a job offer prior to the application process.
  • However, you must be in a profession that is in demand in the Saskatchewan job market and meets its requirements under the SINP occupation in demand list.

Saskatchewan express entry 

  • The express entry program is for the skilled workers who want to live in and work in Saskatchewan and also have registered themselves under the Federal express entry pool.
  • They must have a valid express entry profile number and a job seeker validation code.
  • The job seeker validation code will allow the candidate to make a profile on canada job bank.
  • Once you’re registered on that platform, Canadian employers can contact you if they have a job that suits your qualifications.
  • You need to practice an occupation as per the SINP occupation in demand list 2023 

Saskatchewan experience category 

The saskatchewan experience category is for the following people –

Skilled workers 

  • Skilled workers who already have a work permit or have worked in Saskatchewan for at least six months can apply under this sub category. 
  • They need to have a profession or an occupation as per the SINP occupation in demand list 2023.
  • Skilled workers should meet the Canadian language benchmark CLB minimum of 5..

Semi Skilled Agriculture worker

  • This stream is for those with existing work permit 
  • The candidates applying under this should be working for at least six months in an agriculture field.

Health professionals

  • Health professionals like Nurses, physicians who have already been working in Saskatchewan for at least 6 months can apply under this.
  • The healthcare professionals should meet the Canadian language benchmark CLB of 7.

Long Haul Drivers

Long haul truck drivers who are already working in Canada can attain PR under this category.

Business Immigration

  • Business immigration is appropriate for people who want to buy or invest in a company situated in/originating from saskatchewan.
  • Under this, entrepreneurs and International graduate entrepreneurs can apply.
  • Their business should be based around occupations from SINP Occupation in demand list 2023.

Farm owner/operator 

  • Those interested in farming can now move to Canada under the SINP.
  • You must buy a farm and have experience in the same.


  • The canada occupation demand list states the list of occupations in demand in canada as a whole.
  • The occupation demand list targets the main occupations that are of particular value and importance across the country. 
  • The occupation demand list varies from province to province.
  •  Each province has its own occupation and skill demand list, through which they categorize the candidates and send invitations to apply for permanent residency.
  • The occupations are given Codes for the sake of recognition, this numerical classification comes under National Occupation classification.
  • An occupation without NOC code is considered ineligible. 


There are different TEER levels that rate professions as per the 

  • Training
  • Education 
  • Experience 
  • responsibilities


There are 6 Teer levels, as follow

TEER 0 – Managerial roles

TEER 1 – Compulsory university degree

TEER 2 – College education or 2 years’ of training 

TEER 3 – College diploma, or less than 2 years’ training 

TEER 4 – High school education and on the job training 

TEER 5 – No formal education required 


The following consists of all the occupations in demand as per the SINP OCCUPATION IN DEMAND LIST and registered under the National occupation classification.


20010 Engineering managers

21300 Civil engineers

21301 Mechanical engineers

21310 Electrical and electronics engineers

21321 Industrial and manufacturing engineers

21311 Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers)

21200 Architects

21203 Land surveyors

21231 Software engineers and designers

21233 Web designers and developer

31200 Psychologists

42201 Social and community service workers

42202 Early childhood educators and assistants

32120 Medical laboratory technologists

32122 Medical sonographers

10022 Advertising, marketing, and public relations managers

40030 Managers in social, community, and correctional services

11101 Financial and investment analysts

11201 Professional occupations in business management consulting

10022 Professional occupations in advertising, marketing, and public relations

22100 Chemical technologists and technicians

22101 Geological and mineral technologists and technicians

21110 Biologists and related scientists

21112 Agricultural representatives, consultants, and specialists

22114 Landscape and horticulture technicians and specialists

22300 Civil engineering technologists and technicians

22310 Electrical and electronics engineering technologists and technicians

22311 Electronic service technicians (household and business equipment)

22312 Industrial instrument technicians and mechanics

22212 Drafting technologists and technicians

70012 Facility operation and maintenance managers

63201 Meat cutters

72100 Machinists

72311 Cabinetmakers

72400 Industrial mechanics

72401 Heavy-duty equipment mechanics

72410 Automotive service technicians, truck and bus mechanics

72411 Motor vehicle body repairers

72106 Welders

80010 Managers in natural resources production and fishing

80020 Managers in agriculture

90010 Manufacturing managers

90011 Utility managers


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