Are you one of those who are looking to relocate from your home town to Canada or are you one of the temporary residencies of Canada? Are you looking for the right guidance for your relocation to Canada? Do you know what amount of money is required to apply for the permanent residency (Pr) in Canada or Canadian citizenship? Do you how to apply, where to apply, what is the procedure and many such questions? If you also have these sets of question in your head then you are at the right spot. This post on Government fee structure for Canada pr we will make clear all the important information and the fee structure which will answer all your quarries. 



Government processing fees are a requirement of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for the majority of visa applicants. Regardless of your nationality or place of origin, these fees remain the same for the work permits.

The number of family members applying for a temporary or permanent or resident visa will determine the government processing fees, which are independent from any fees paid to an authorized representative, such as an attorney. Please be aware that IRCC may modify these fees at any time without prior notice for Canada pr application fee.


The cost of permanent residency varies from field to field and is determined by the immigration stream you are applying for.  The Right of permanent residence fee, a separate sum that must be paid by all approved applicants, regardless of the programme they apply under, will need to be submitted once your application has been granted for. 


The following processing fees must be paid by people who want to immigrate to Canada through the Investor, Self-Employed or Entrepreneur streams of immigration: 

CandidateProcessing amount in $CAD 
Main Candidate$1,625
Spouse, conjugal partner or common-lawAdd $850
A dependent adult over 22 who has no way to support oneself financially because of a medical or mental disability, or a dependent minor under 22 who is Protected person .Add $230 per Candidate

Note: Individuals who are applying for Provincial Nominee Programs may have to pay more Preparing fees as intent by the authority of Provincial immigration.


The following processing fees apply to:

CandidateProcessing amount in $CAD
Main Candidate$1365
Spouse, conjugal partner or common-lawAdd $1365
A dependent adult over 22 who has no way to support oneself financially because of a medical or mental disability, or a dependent minor under 22 who is Protected person .Add $230 per dependent

The government of Quebec runs the Regular Skilled Worker Programme (RSWP) for immigrants who have experience in skilled employment and who can contribute significantly to the economy of Quebec once they are employed.

For anyone who want to immigrate to a particular Canadian province or territory, the provincial nominee programmes (PNPs) offer a route to Canada pr application fee. Every province and territory in Canada has its own PNP that is tailored to its own economic and demographic requirements.

By luring in qualified workers, the Atlantic Immigration Programme hopes to boost economic development in Canada’s Atlantic provinces. New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island are among the Atlantic provinces.

One of the three federal immigration programmes controlled by the Express Entry system or Caregivers is the Federal Skilled Trades (FST) programme. Like all Express Entry programmes, FST compares applicants to one another using the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), and only invites the most competitive applicants to submit applications for Canadian permanent residency.

One of the three programmes under Canada’s Express Entry system for handling immigration requests is the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) programme. Candidates with no ties to Canada who have foreign work experience are eligible to apply for permanent residency through the FSW programme.

Candidates with recent Canadian job experience who want to immigrate permanently to Canada should apply for the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) programme which also decreases Canada pr cost. A CEC application can be processed in as little as three to four months, making it one of the quickest paths to permanent residence in Canada.


The following fees must be paid by permanent residents who want to sponsor their family members’ immigration to Canada:

CandidateProcessing amount for canada pr application fee in $CAD
Sponsorship of a spouse and dependent children
Partner or common-law partner (With sponsorship fee, main applicant cost, and right to reside permanently charge)$1080
Dependent child:$155 per kid
sponsorship from Parents and grandparents
(With sponsorship fee, main applicant fee, and the right to permanent residency charge) Parent or grandparent$1080
Common-law partner Dependent offspring of a parent or grandparent$155

Note: Individuals who are applying for Provincial Nominee Programs may have to pay more Preparing fees as intent by the authority of Provincial immigration.

Right of permanent residence fee 

The $500 Right of Permanent Residence fee (RPFR), which has to be paid when a permanent residency application is granted, is not included in the payments mentioned above. All applicants and/or supported individuals who do not depend on children or protected individuals must pay this charge.

 To prevent delays to Apply for permanent residence, the RPFR can be paid at the same time as the necessary processing costs. In the case that a request for long-term residency is turned down, the applicant will receive a refund of the RPFR charge. Keep in mind that none of the other processing costs are returnable.

canada pr visa application Fee for processing citizenship

If you or a member of your family is prepared to take the last step in your immigration process to become a Canadian citizen, you must apply for Canada pr.

The right of citizenship fee, which is an additional $100, and the $75 required to obtain a citizenship certificate must be paid by permanent residents who are granted citizenship.

canada pr application fee Fees for Short-Term Residency

Temporary resident processing costs vary based on the type of visa, much like permanent residence processing costs do.

Fees for processing visitor visa 

To enter or transit through Canada, you might need to submit an application for a visitor visa, based on your nationality, place of origin, or other circumstances.

CandidateProcessing amount in $CAD
Visiting or Super passport for one or more Canadian entries$100 per individual
A family of five or more must apply together for a visitor visa for single or repeated entries into Canada.$500
Renewal of a visitor’s visa$100 per individual
Bring back a visitor’s visa$200 per individuals

Processing Charges for Permanent resident cards Electronic Travel Authorizations (eTAs)

Non-Canadian citizens and permanent residents who are travelling without a visa must pay a $7 electronic authorization to travel charge. The eTA may be good for up to five years, but it does not ensure admission to Canada.

Fees for processing work permits

Regardless of the field you work in or the stream you apply under, the price for work permits in Canada stays the same.


Each applicant submitting one of the following applications must supply a photo and their fingerprints (biometrics) for the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada

CandidateProcessing amount in $CAD
Applicants individually$85 CAD
Maximum total charge for families applying together$170 CAD
groups that include at least three performers and their personnel Maximum charge of $255 Canadian

Please be aware that candidates for only temporary residency (visas, permits for study or work) not Permanent resident travel document, only need to provide biometrics once per ten years. Regardless of whether or when they have previously submitted biometrics, applicants for permanent residency are required to provide them together with their application.


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