Best Transcript services In New Delhi, India. Contact BOI services today
Best Transcript services In New Delhi, India. Contact BOI services today

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When you move to an overseas country for the purposes of study or work, the most important thing is your educational credentials. Educational credentials help you to land more opportunities. To prove your education you require several documents; a Transcript is one of the most significant documents. In this guide, we will try to comprehend the transcript, its importance, and how it is different from other documents of academic records such as Degrees, Diplomas, and Certificates.

What is a Transcript?

The transcript is proof of education, it is an official academic record that comprises details of all the subjects studied along with your scores & grades obtained in each subject. It doesn’t matter what term you use, educational institutions are looking for the exact information in your academic transcript. 

What does a Transcript contain?

An academic transcript generally consists of the following information mentioned below:

  • Name of the Academic University/ Institution
  • Accreditation
  • Name of Student
  • Name of Student’s parents
  • Date of Birth
  • Year of graduating
  • Roll Number of Student
  • Name of Degree
  • Duration of Course Taken
  • List of Courses
  • Marks/grades obtained in all courses
  • Total Aggregate of the Marks/Grades

What is a Transcript of Records (ToR)?

A transcript of records includes details about all the academic courses taken by a student, the number of credits, and exams cleared or passed. Just like an academic transcript, ToR also contains information on students’ scores and the duration of the courses taken.

What is a Transcripts in India?

In our country transcripts are known as Marksheets. Given below is a list of some documents known as transcripts.

  • Transcript of Records (ToR)
  • Cumulative Record File (CRF)
  • Record of Achievement
  • Academic Certificates
  • Statement of Learning
  • Mark List
  • Mark Sheet
  • Report Card
  • Academic Record
  • Permanent Record
  • Diploma Supplement

What is the importance of a Transcript?

The Transcript is required or significant if a student wants to apply abroad for university education or job applications. The admissions committees of most universities and colleges require academic transcripts as proof of education. It is a necessary document without which it will be arduous for students to apply for admission to foreign educational institutions. A transcript provides a university or employer with a synopsis of a student’s academic accomplishments and performance.

Here are some of the main reasons why you may require a transcript:

  • Higher Studies
  • Visa Application
  • Transferring Colleges
  • Credit Transfer
  • Employment
  • Personal Reasons

How is a transcript different from a Degree?

Students mostly get perplexed as to what is the difference between transcripts and other documents of academic records such as Degrees, Diplomas, and Certificates. 

Here are some of the main differences between a transcript and a degree certificate.

Academic TranscriptDegree Certificate
It encapsulates students’ entire academic performance throughout their degree or education.This is the final certificate student receive after completing their education at an educational institution.
It serves as evidence of training, competence, and performance.It serves as proof of education and qualification.
Before you complete your education at an educational institution, you can request an interim transcript.This can only be provided once students have completed their entire academic course.
Includes both academic and non-academic achievements.It does not include any kind of achievements.
Subject-wise description of grades and marks providedGrades aren’t mentioned in a degree certificate.
It is a necessary document for your application abroad.This may not be part of the application abroad if you are providing academic transcripts.

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