Canada Vs Australia Which country is better for immigration

If you are penchant in immigration to a new country for better work opportunities and a better lifestyle, then you were surely considered where you want to migrate. When someone decides or makes his/her mind to move to a new country, they mostly think about Australia and Canada. Both Australia and Canada are great countries for immigration, so selecting any one of them is quite stressful and complicated. If you are also feeling adversity in choosing any one of them, don’t worry because we will help you in this. We will present to you some most important differences between Canada and Australia, this blog will help you to know which country is better for immigration.

Here are some points which will help you to decide which country is better for your migration:

Job opportunities in Australia and Canada

When it comes to the job market then both countries are quite similar to each other, both countries offer good job opportunities and working culture. In Australia, you will get paid slightly more in comparison to Canada but getting a job in Australia is quite difficult. You can easily find a decent job in Canada with great pay because Canada has more occupations in demand for immigrant workers who have the talent and skillset.

Cost of living

If we talk about the cost of living in Canada and Australia, you will find out that Australia is way more expensive as compared to Canada. According to a report cost of living in Canada is nearly 17.7% less in comparison to Australia. The government of Canada offers so many services like food security and health benefits, which reduce the cost of living in Canada. For a better lifestyle in Canada, you just need to earn $1,650 – $2,500 every month, which is way cheaper and cost-efficient if we compare it to Australia.


Australian and Canadian government provides free education to children who are under the age of 18. In both countries, there are government schools for children which are mostly free. Canada provides free education to its immigrant children who are under the age of 18 but in Australia, only Australian citizen and permanent residents gets free education in the government school. If we compare university education in both countries we will find out that higher education in Canada is way more affordable than in Australia. The fees Australian universities charge is quite high if we compare it to other countries. According to a report tuition fees costs in Canada are $10,000 to $30,000 per year, while on the other side estimated costs in Australia for tuition fees are $15,000 to $33,000 per year.

Healthcare Systems

If you are a permanent resident of Canada then you are eligible for Canada’s Medicare, which is a universal health care system. Every Canadian citizen is provided health services through universal public health insurance. In Canada, basic health care is free for every resident. In Australia health care system is very tough for immigrants, you will get access to Medicare only after you become a permanent resident of Australia. In Australia, most number of people prefer private health insurance so that they can easily cover all expenses of specialist care. Private health insurance are quite expensive in Australia.

Scope of Getting Citizenship

For getting Canadian citizenship you have to live in Canada for 3 years as a permanent resident, then you will be eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship. When you apply for citizenship in Canada that time you have to fill out your taxes returns and give a citizenship test. Getting Australian citizenship is quite similar to Canada, you have to live in Australia for 3 years as a permanent or temporary resident. You also have to show a job record when you apply for Australian citizenship. Getting citizenship in both countries are very easy and similar to each other but both countries have some terms and conditions which you have to meet for citizenship.

Is it better to live in Australia or Canada?

It\’s very tough to select which country is better for immigration, but according to data, Canada is better for immigration in comparison to Australia. Canada welcomes immigrants, it has an open society that accepts immigrants. In Canada, you get better work opportunities and you can save extra money in Canada because of its low cost of living. Australia is also a great country for immigration but it have some limitations, there are fewer visa programs in Australia as compared to Canada. Every year Canada issues work visas to thousands of immigrants, on the other side, Australia does not issue so many work visas.

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