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Canada Self Employed Visa


Are you a Self- employed Person? Wish to live in Canada as a PR. Then you must try for a Visa with BOI services. There may be some adversity in getting a visa. We will help you in getting the Visa as a PR. We will explore the problem that may come in your way to get a visa as a PR. The Canadian Immigration Self Employed program is made to attract people who are able to become self-employed and have a desire to live in Canada.

The self-employed person program is useful for the people who are self-employed. If you are an Athlete or a cultural Activist and want to migrate to Canada then this program is for you. This program allows you to live in Canada as a self-employed PR. Self-employment is completely legal in Canada, but working as a self-employed person in Canada may generate some problems when it comes to applying for a PR visa. You can get visa when your work experience have been gained under Self- Employement.

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Canada Self Employed Visa Requirements

1. Education qualification of you and your spouse (if applicable).

2. Your Age proof.

3. Financial status of your family. You must have total assets of about $100000.

4. You must have 2 years of relevant work experience to show that you want to be a self-employed person in Canada. 

5. You need to be capable of making your contribution to the economy of Canada.

You will be considered as a self-employed person in Canada if you receive a monthly payment for your work.  Some professional occupations are under the self-employed category like Actors, Carpenters & sculptures, Musicians, Dancers, Athletes, directors, producers, choreographers, etc.

Qualifying Factors to be a Self Employed

If you have the potential to be an earning self-employed in Canada, then you are eligible for a business visa. 

  • You have to earn a minimum of 35 points out of 100 potential points. Points gained in Education - 25, Experience-35, age -10, ability in English / French -24,   adaptability -6. 

  • You and your family member must undergo medical tests, other than this you needed to show that you and your family have sufficient funds to survive in Canada.

There are some other options to apply for PR is a PNP. Each province in Canada has the right to choose individuals according to their requirements. But Alberto is the place where a self-employed visa application Is not acceptable.If you have been working as self-employed in Canada and want to qualify for a PR visa, then you should consider with a professional to know your options.BOI Services is keen to review your application and provide you with the best option which suits you.