Best resume writing services in New Delhi, India. Contact BOI Services and give a new dimension to your career
Best resume writing services in New Delhi, India. Contact BOI Services and give a new dimension to your career

Resume Writing

A resume is often the most significant document of our professional life, explaining who we are, what we are capable of, and where we wish to go. With underlying essences of our personalities. 

What is Resume Writing?

A resume is a formal document that itemizes an overview of the job applicant’s professional qualifications, which include academic qualifications, career achievements, skills, pertinent work experience, and other important details that applicants wish to share with employers. By creating an attractive resume, you can demonstrate your capabilities and convince employers that you are the candidate they are looking for.

Why Resume is important?

A resume is like a bridge between you and the prospective employer. Therefore, the significance of creating a resume should never be understated. Here are some of the important reasons that will help you to fathom why a resume is important for professional life: 

  • The resume shows a reflection of your personality to the recruiter
  • Demonstrates your suitability for a job or project
  • Sells your better attributes and achievements
  • Provide a quick but lasting first impression
  • Summarize your career aspirations
  • Help to get an interview

Why do I need Resume Writing Services?

Looking for a job in an overseas country is not so arduous but getting hired by a foreign employer can be challenging. An interviewer goes through hundreds of resumes for a single job opening. A perfect resume stands you out from the crowd and helps you to get a suitable job. 

The resume that has led to success in your native country might not work in the new country. The reason for this is that each country’s trend is distinct from what’s followed in your native country. So, it is very important to building a resume that is specific to the nation to where you are migrating. Professional resume writing services in India will help you create a resume that highlights all your strengths in the best possible manner. 

Difference between Indian and International resume standards?

Both Indian and International standard resume serves the same purpose, it describes the professional experience and educational qualifications of the job applicant. There are some technicalities that make them different from each other.

Indian Standard of ResumeInternational Standard of Resume
An Indian resume is a professional document that a job applicant uses to apply for a job opening in an organization. It includes basic information about applicants.An international resume is a professional document that candidates use to apply for jobs in another country. When writing an international resume, a person adapts it to meet the customary standards for that field.
An Indian resume is a precise and concise document consisting of only a page or two. Provide an overview of your skills, experience, and education.An International Standard Resume or a country-specific resume is a better-detailed synopsis of your academic background as well as awards, honors, teaching and research, publications, presentations, affiliations, and other details.
If one is applying for employment in India, a resume is a typically preferred format.An International resume is the ultimate document of choice while applying for a job in overseas countries like Canada, Hong, Australia, etc.
Indian resume tends to be briefer and more concise.An international resume tends to be more comprehensive and it is generally an in-depth version of an Indian resume.

Why BOI SERVICES for Resume Writing Services?

For resume writing services in India, BOI SERVICES is the best option for you. We personally handcraft international resume to showcase your professional journey in a succinct and engaging manner. Our team of experts accentuates your accomplishments and skills in a way that makes it easy for the recruiter to envision you as a valuable asset to their company. 

Here are some of the other reasons to select BOI SERVICES for your Resume Writing Services in Delhi:

  • Impressive design
  • Focus on presentation
  • Edits & modifications as per your requirements
  • Keywords optimization
  • Are formatted to International standards
  • Error free and well written
  • Our resumes are well structured to guide the employer
  • Resume support for your spouse 
  • Preparation for the interview