Quebec selected skilled workers

Quebec selected skilled workers

Do you want to be settled in the Quebec province of Canada? BOI Services will guide you in approaching Quebec province. 

Quebec is the city that operates its own immigration program. This is an application process for skilled workers who want to be PR in Canada and wants to live in Quebec province. The Federal Government has granted more autonomy to the Quebec province in immigration policies and procedures. Quebec runs several immigration programs. It is the only city where French is an official language. Quebec has a special agreement to pick out the immigrants who will suit well to live there.

Quebec Selected Skilled Workers Program is for the economic immigration of candidates who wants to settle in Quebec. The immigration ministry of Quebec invites candidates to apply for a Quebec Selection Certificate. If you fulfil the initial criteria, then you may be invited to apply. 

Quebec Skilled Worker program requires previous work experience in Canada as a temporary worker or as an international student. It is designed to identify the candidates who can be financially established in that city. This program is initiated to encourage more & more efficient workers to come & settle in the Quebec Province. This is a hassle-free program for the lengthy immigration process. 

Apply for Quebec selected skilled workers Program

You can apply if you have an invitation from Quebec Government. If the government of Quebec selects you then they will provide you a CSQ, after that you should apply to IRCC(Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada).

What to do next?

1. Application Package

If the Quebec government has selected you, then you will get the application package. This package will give you a complete guide to fill out the forms correctly. Fill out your forms as instructed, then print it and sign the forms correctly.


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