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Canada Provincial Nomination Programs

Provincial nominee program Canada

Do you want a PR visa under PNP? Are you willing to settle in the province of Canada immediately? Our experts will give you full assistance, BOI services is here to help you in achieving your dreams. The PNP program was started to attract skilled workers who have desire to live in Canada Permanently.

About Provincial nominee program

It is a Canadian Immigration Program which runs through a collaboration between the Canadian government and the federal government of the province of Canada. This program was launched in 1998. This is one of the finest way to get a PR visa for Canada. Under this program the skilled and talented people are nominated from overseas by different provinces of Canada. It is one of the easiest ways to get nominated if you are skilled in your specific field. Under the Canadian constitution, the federal government and each province share the authority to manage the Canada’s immigration system. Every single territory have the right to nominate the person who wants to immigrate and interested in settling down in a province of Canada.

The PNP is operated by various provinces and territories of Canada, to meet its specific and demographic needs. There are more than thirteen provinces and territories in Canada. They operate different PNP Programs for different streams. If an applicant is nominated through PNP then they earn 600 CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) points to get express entry. Many territories have developed enhanced PNP streams that are aligned with Express Entry.

The Canadian government is increasing the number of invitations for PNP applicants with every passing year. Hence, these is one of the fastest-growing way to economic immigration in Canada. The different program is designed by different territory to meet their immigration requirements. So, the procedures and eligibility criteria of these streams vary depending upon the states of Canada. However, the province of Canada cannot take all decisions regarding PR approval for Canada.

Provincial nominee program document checklist

  • You require a passport and recent travel history.

  • Recent medical report that you are fully vaccinated and completely fit to migrate to Canada.

  • Academic and Professional Certificate

  • Police verification required

This program is designated for the people who have skills, education and work experience to contribute to the economy of that province or territory. The candidate eligible for PNP Canada are those who can meet the eligibility criteria of a specific province.


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Best PNP programs in Canada

Alberto PNP - Alberto PNP is one of the easiest PNP to get the nomination for Canada. This PNP is aligned with Express entry which will help you in scoring a 300 CRS score.

Ontario PNP - The applicant needs to have an account in express Entry. Other than this Ontario PNP requires 400 CRS points. but there are no such points needed to apply under OIPNP. 

Manitoba PNP - It is designed to nominate skilled workers and their families, who want to immigrate to the province of Canada.

Ontario PNP - The applicant needs to have an account in express Entry. Other than this Ontario PNP requires 400 CRS points. but there are no such points needed to apply under OIPNP. 

Nova-Scotia PNP - Nova Scotia PNP has become very popular in last few years. This is the finest place where aspirants have desire to live and be settled. 

Quebec PNP - The province of Quebec manages its immigration system to recruit skilled workers.