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What should I do to follow Job/interview Grooming?

  • Wear formal clothes.

  • Avoid use of strong perfumes as many people can be allergic to them.

  • Your hair should be well shampooed. Avoid oily hair.

  • Bring a professional looking folder to carry your Mark sheets, Resume and Certificates.

  • Keep your cell phone switched off or in silent mode.

Professional Grooming

Grooming is preparing your appearance through dressing, cleansing, self-care,. This makes you more presentable and professional. It provides you basic business and working etiquettes 

What we will do? We will focus on main aspects such as:

  • Skin Composition

  • Personal Hygiene

  • Personal Grooming for Men / women

  • Physique & Silhouette/Personality Styles for Men / women

  • Business Dress Codes for Men / women

  • Fashion & Accessories – Men / women

  • Basic Makeup for Women

  • Physique & Silhouette/ Personality Styles for Women

  • Business Dress Codes for Women

  • Fashion & Accessories – Women

  • Body Language

  • Communicating with Clothing/ Nonverbal Clothing

  • Formal Dress Codes

  • Conversational Techniques

  • Telephone and Mobile Etiquette

  • Dining etiquette

  • Handshakes

  • Making Proper Introductions

  • Importance of Impressions

  • and most importantly YOU!

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