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The target is all set to 465,000 new permanent residents in 2023.

Canada Express Entry Draw & Latest CRS cut off score

DrawsDateNumber of invitations to apply issuedMinimum CRS points required
*All programs consideredMay 24488
Provincial Nominee ProgramMay 10691
*All programs consideredApril 26483
*All programs consideredApril 12486
*All programs consideredMarch 29481
*All programs consideredMarch 23484
*All programs consideredMarch 15490
Provincial Nominee ProgramMarch 1748
Provincial Nominee ProgramFebruary 15791
Federal Skilled WorkerFebruary 2489
Provincial Nominee ProgramFebruary 1733
*All programs consideredJanuary 18490
*All programs consideredJanuary 11507
*All programs consideredNovember 23491
*All programs consideredNovember 9494
*All programs consideredOctober 26496
*All programs consideredOctober 12500
*All programs consideredSept 28504
*All programs consideredSept 14510
*All programs consideredAugust 31516
*All programs consideredAugust 17525
*All programs consideredAugust 3533
*All programs consideredJuly 20542
All programs consideredJuly 6557
*PNP-specific drawJune 22752
*PNP-specific drawJune 8796
*PNP-specific drawMay 25741
*PNP-specific drawMay 11753
*PNP-specific drawApril 27772
*PNP-specific drawApril 13782
*PNP-specific drawMarch 30785
*PNP-specific drawMarch 16754
*PNP-specific drawMarch 2761
BC PNPFebruary 2277
Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) DrawFebruary 22455
Manitoba PNP drawFebruary 10615 705 No eoi score
Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) DrawFebruary 9448 (Trades, health & agriculture occupations)
BC PNPFebruary 877
Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) DrawFebruary 8467 (For tech workers & french speakers)
Nova Scotia PNP drawFebruary 8For Nurses Profile Only
BC PNP TechFebruary 180
Manitoba PNP drawJanuary 27609 703 No eoi score
Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) DrawJanuary 27461
BC PNPJanuary 2577
PEI PNPJanuary 2072
BC PNP TechJanuary 1880
Manitoba PNP drawJanuary 16459 711 No eoi score
Saskatchewan PNP DrawJanuary 1268
Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) DrawJanuary 12467
BC PNPJanuary 1178
Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) DrawJanuary 11465
BC PNP TechJanuary 580
Alberta PNP drawJanuary 5351
Manitoba PNP drawDecember 30375 726 No eoi score
BC PNPDecember 2174
Manitoba PNP drawDecember 16447 712 Not applicable
PEI PNPDecember 1667
BC PNP TechDecember 1480
BC PNPDecember 771
Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) DrawDecember 737 62 Not applicable
Manitoba PNP drawDecember 2449 726 No eoi score
BC PNP TechNovember 3078
PNPNovember 24737
BC PNP DrawNovember 1064-69
Express Entry PNP drawNovember 10685
Manitoba PNP drawNovember 8th460 713
Ontarion PNP drawOctober 27455 - 467
Express Entry PNP drawOctober 27744
Alberta PNP drawOctober 26300
Prince Edward Island PNP DrawOctober 2272
Manitoba PNP drawOctober 21 716-Skilled Worker Overseas, 375- Skilled woker in Manitoba
Express Entry PNP drawOctober 13720
Manitoba PNP drawOctober 12729-Skilled Worker Overseas, 446- Skilled woker in Manitoba
Alberta PNP drawOctober 12 300 Express Entry candidates
Nova Scotia PNP drawOctober 7skilled worker with job offer has been invited. no score was mentioned
Quebec Regular Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)September 30562
Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) DrawOctober 7CRS score between 463-467
BC(PNP) Tech drawOctober 670- Skilled Worker category
Quebec (Arima ) PNP drawOctober 4562 -Quebec Regular Skilled Worker Program
Saskatchewan PNP DrawSeptember 2771
Manitoba (PNP)DrawSeptember 27Skilled Workers Overseas - 67, Skilled Workers in Manitoba - 529
Express Entry Draw (Provincial Nominee Programme)September 19742
BC (PNP Draw)September 14Skilled Worker: 86 andInternational Graduate: 75
Express Entry Draw (Provincial Nominee Programme)September 15732
Express Entry Draw (Canadian Experience Class)September 14462
Alberta PNP DrawSeptember 7300
Saskatchewan PNP DrawSeptember 8Occupations In Demand - 212 & Express Entry - 316 with Minimum 66 Points.
Express Entry Draw (Provincial Nominee Programme)September 1764
BC (PNP Draw)August 3169-90
BC (PNP Draw)August 2480
PNP (PEI)August 19152 for Express Entry and Labour Impact candidates. The remaining nine invitations for Business Impact candidates with least 72 points.
Saskatchewan PNP DrawAugust 19Occupations In Demand - 335 & Express Entry - 161 with Minimum 70 Points.
Express Entry Draw (Canadian Experience Class)August 19403
Express Entry Draw (Provincial Nominee Programme)August 18751
Alberta PNP DrawAugust 10300
BC (PNP Draw)August 1080
Saskatchewan PNP DrawAugsut 5Occupations In Demand - 281 & Express Entry - 171 with Minimum 73 Points.
Express Entry Draw (Canadian Experience Class)August 5404
Express Entry Draw (Provincial Nominee Programme)August 4760
BC (PNP Draw)August 374-91
Manitoba DrawJuly 29Skilled Workers in Manitoba— 285 invitations with a minimum EOI score of 400|Skilled Workers Overseas— 47 invitations with a minimum EOI score of 708|International Education Stream — 43 invitations with no EOI score requirement.A total of 42 invitations, also known as Letters of Advice to Apply (LAAs), went to Express Entry candidates.
"(OINP DRAW) Express Entry Human Capital Priorities streamSkilled Worker streamJuly 27458-467
Alberta PNP DrawJuly 27300
BC (PNP Draw)July 2780
Manitoba (Express Entry candidates)July 27557
(OINP DRAW) Express Entry French-Speaking Skilled Worker streamJuly 21461–467
Express Entry Draw (Canadian Experience Class)July 22357
(SINP DRAW) Express Entry July 2177
CECJuly 22357
PNPJuly 21734
(BC DRAW) Skilled Worker | InternationalGraduate | Entry Level andSemi-Skilled | Skilled Worker | InternationalGraduate- NOC 0621 and 0631July 2091 | 82 | 75 | 90 | 81
(BC DRAW) Skilled Worker | InternationalGraduate | Skilled Worker | InternationalGraduate- NOC 0621 and 0631July 20107
PNP (PEI)July 1560
In-demand skills system (Ontario)July 1511
AINP Draw (express entry)July 14301
international student streamJuly 1362
foreign worker streamJuly 1333
Draw (Manitoba)July 9445
DRAW 196July 8369 - CEC
DRAW (SINP)July 880 - In demand occupation
DRAW (SINP)July 880 - express entry
DRAW (OINP) July 7146 - Entrepreneur stream
DRAW 195 (PNP)July 7760
DRAW (British Columbia)July 6SI - skilled worker - 92
DRAW (British Columbia)July 6SI - International graduate - 83
DRAW (British Columbia)July 6SI - Entry level & semi-skilled - 75
DRAW (British Columbia)July 6EEBC - Skilled worker - 91
DRAW (British Columbia)July 6EECC - International graduate - 82
DRAW (Alberta)June 29302
Draw (Manitoba)June 28565
Draw 194June 24357*CEC-specific draw
Draw 193June 23742*PNP-specific draw
Draw 192June 10368*CEC-specific draw
Draw 191June 9711*PNP-specific draw
Draw 190May 31380*CEC-specific draw
Draw 189May 26713*PNP-specific draw
Draw 188May 20397*CEC-specific draw
Draw 187May 13401*CEC-specific draw
Draw 186May 12752*PNP-specific draw
Draw 185April 29400*CEC-specific draw
Draw 184April 28717*PNP-specific draw
Draw 183April 16417*CEC-specific draw
Draw 182April 14753*PNP-specific draw
Draw 181April 1432*CEC-specific draw
Draw 180March 31778*PNP-specific draw
Draw 179March 18449*CEC-specific draw
Draw 178March 17682*PNP-specific draw
Draw 177March 8739*PNP-specific draw
Draw 176February 1375*CEC-specific draw
Draw 175February 10720*PNP-specific draw
Draw 174January 21454*CEC-specific draw
Draw 173January 20741*PNP-specific draw
Draw 172January 7461*CEC-specific draw
Draw 171January 6, 2021813*PNP-specific draw
Draw 170December 23468
Draw 169December 9469
Draw 168November 25469
Draw 167November 18472
Draw 166November 5478
Draw 165October 14471
Draw 164September 30471
Draw 163September 16472
Draw 162September 2475
Draw 161August 20454*CEC-specific draw
Draw 160August 19771*PNP-specific draw
Draw 159August 6415*FST-specific draw
Draw 158August 5476
Draw 157July 23445*CEC-specific draw
Draw 156July 22687*PNP-specific draw
Draw 155July 8478
Draw 154June 25431*CEC-specific draw
Draw 153June 24696*PNP-specific draw
Draw 152June 11437*CEC-specific draw
Draw 151June 10743*PNP-specific draw
Draw 150May 28440*CEC-specific draw
Draw 149May 27757*PNP-specific draw
Draw 148May 15447*CEC-specific draw
Draw 147May 13718*PNP-specific draw
Draw 146May 1452*CEC-specific draw
Draw 145Apr 29692*PNP-specific draw
Draw 144Apr 16455*CEC-specific draw
Draw 143Apr 15808*PNP-specific draw
Draw 142Apr 9464*CEC-specific draw
Draw 141Apr 9698*PNP-specific draw
Draw 140Mar 23467*CEC-specific draw
Draw 139Mar 19720*PNP-specific draw
Draw 138Mar 4471
Draw 137Feb 19470
Draw 136Feb 5472
Draw 135Jan 22471
Draw 134Jan 8473
Draw 133Dec 19469
Draw 132Dec 11472
Draw 131Nov 27471
Draw 130Nov 13472
Draw 129Oct 30475
Draw 128Oct 16357 (Federal Skilled Trades only)
Draw 127Oct 2464
Draw 126Sept 18462
Draw 125Sept 4463
Draw 124Aug 20457
Draw 123Aug 12466
Draw 122July 24459
Draw 121July 10460
Draw 120June 26462
Draw 119June 12465
Draw 118May 29470
Draw 117May 15332 (Federal Skilled Trades only)
Draw 116May 1450
Draw 115April 17451
Draw 114April 3451
Draw 113March 20452
Draw 112March 6454
Draw 111February 20457
Draw 110January 30438
Draw 109January 23443
Draw 108January 9449