Every year, there are close to 2.5 million Indians living in other countries, with Hong Kong being one of their favorite locations. Since then, the number of Indians in Hong Kong has continuously increased to over 42,000. Indians made up the largest portion of South Asians in Hong Kong (6.2% of all ethnic minorities in Hong Kong).

Needless to say, migration is a key feature of our increasingly interconnected world with the estimate of 272 million migrants (3.5% of the world’s population) all over the world. The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) invites thousands of immigrants each year due to a labor shortage. HKSAR is increasing its immigrant intake as time goes by selecting qualified workers with the QMAS point system under which applicants are awarded points based on specific factors. 

Points needed for a Hong Kong QMAS Visa?

Presently, the prevailing minimum passing grade set for the General Point-based test is 80 points. Applicants have to score at least 80 points out of 245 points to be eligible to apply for Hong Kong Qmas. The General Points Test has a minimal passing score. Before submitting an application, interested parties are urged to determine if their credentials are sufficient to satisfy the minimal passing mark. The minimal passing score may occasionally change without prior warning.

The points are determined by your age, education, employment history, language ability, talent, and no. of dependents.

Check your eligibility

Academic/Professional Qualifications:
Internationally recognised University?
Work Experience:
3 years’ after graduation in multi-national companies (MNCs) or reputable enterprises.(listed on The Global 2000 by Forbes, the Fortune Global 500 and the Hurun China 500) :
International Work Experience:
Language Proficiency:
Family Status:
PR with one immediate family member in Hong Kong
Number of Children:
Talent List

The general point-based test: QMAS visa point system

In order to qualify for a Quality migrant admission scheme (QMAS) visa, an applicant applying under the General Point-Based Test must score minimum qualifying marks. The General Point-Based Test has six point-scoring factors, determined by your age, education, employment history, language ability, talent, and dependents.

All six point-scoring factors are mentioned below in the table:

FactorsClaimed Points
Age (Maximum 30 points)
51 or above0
Academic/Professional Qualifications (Maximum 70 points)
Doctoral Degree / Two or more master’s degrees40
Master’s Degree / Two or more bachelor’s degrees20
Bachelor’s Degree / Professional Qualification awarded by a nationally or internationally recognized or acclaimed professional body which demonstrates that the holder has a very high level of technical expertise or skill10
Additional points if a degree at bachelor level or higher is awarded by a renowned institution recognized internationally30
Work Experience (Maximum 75 points)
Not less than 10 years’ graduate or specialist level work experience, including at least 5 years in a senior role40
Not less than 5 years’ graduate or specialist level work experience, including at least 2 years in a senior role30
Not less than 5 years’ graduate or specialist level work experience15
Not less than 2 years’ graduate or specialist level work experience5
Additional points for not less than 2 years’ graduate or specialist level work experience with international exposure15
Additional points for not less than 3 years’ graduate or specialist level work experience in multinational companies (MNCs) or reputable enterprises, such as listed companies or companies on the lists of The Global 2000 by Forbes, the Fortune Global 500 and the Hurun China 50020
Talent List (Maximum 30 points)
Additional points if meeting the specifications of the respective profession under the Talent List30
Language Proficiency (Maximum 20 points)
Being proficient both in written and spoken Chinese (Putonghua or Cantonese) and English20
Being proficient in at least one foreign language (written and spoken) in addition to written and spoken Chinese (Putonghua or Cantonese) or English15
Being proficient in written and spoken Chinese (Putonghua or Cantonese) or English10
Family Background (Maximum 20 points)
At least one immediate family member (married spouse, parents, siblings, children) is a Hong Kong permanent resident residing in Hong Kong5
Accompanying married spouse is educated to the equivalent level of a degree or above5
5 points for each accompanying unmarried dependent child under the age of 18, maximum 10 points5/10
Maximum 245 Points

Achievement-based Points Test

The program also supports individuals with great and recognisable talents who have made notable accomplishments to apply. 

They have the option of being evaluated using an achievement-based points test. The standards for this test are extremely high. A total of 245 points will be given to those who are deemed to have met one of the requirements for this test that are specified in the paragraph below; otherwise, no points will be given. Applicants who fail the test will be rejected on the spot.

Achievement-based Points Test criteria are mentioned below:

  • The applicant has received an tittle or award of exceptional achievement (e.g. Olympic medals, Nobel prize, national/international awards
  • The applicant can show that his/her work has been acknowledged by his/her peers or has contributed significantly to the development of his/her field (e.g. lifetime achievement award from industry

Prevailing Minimum Passing Marks

The Prevailing Minimum Passing Mark is 80. For candidates minimum passing mark is determined by the General Points Test. Before applying, applicants should determine whether their credentials meet the minimum passing mark or not. You should know that the prevailing minimum passing mark may change from time to time without prior notice.

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