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In 2023, The USA Aims to Issue Over One Million US Visas to Indians!

Time to leap Indians with some big news! Recently, USA senior officials stated their goal for issuing over 1 million US visas to Indians by the end of 2023. Due to the high demand for Indian IT specialists, this year’s visa priorities will be skilled worker visa(L & H-1B visas) and student visas(F visa).

India is the second-largest source of students travelling to study in the United States, which is why the government of the United States gives encouragement to US visas for Indians. This new initiative by the USA will promote many employers and enterprises with US locations to hire foreign specialists with H-1B visas for jobs that demand a high level of technological know-how.

The US has set a goal to grant over 1 million Indians visas in 2023

H-1B and L1 visas are the most popular visas among Indian IT professionals looking to work in the United States. 

The United States is on track to grant Indians more than a million visas. For Indian students planning to begin college in the United States in the autumn semester of 2023, the current Joe Biden administration is committed to processing all student visas this summer.

Guidance for the US Visa

  • It is planned to process 3,500 visa applications every day instead of the current 1,000. 
  • For the autumn intake of 2023, the US intends to approve and grant the majority of student visa applications
  • The waiting period for several US visas has been reduced to less than 60 days.
  • Additionally, the government intends to extend non-immigrant visa applications for applicants who meet the minimum qualifications to visit the country or to explore.

What is the H1 Visa?

Foreign nationals with specialized training and education are permitted to work in the US with the H1 visa. Although it might last up to six years, this visa does not grant you permanent residency. Because they are simpler to obtain than green cards, H1 visas are common. 

What is a H-1B visa?

During a limited period of time, H-1B visas are granted to foreign workers with specialised skills for brief periods of time in the United States. In most cases, these positions require a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent qualification.

Know the difference between L1 and H-1B Visa

For many people, living, working, and travelling overseas is a dream. These folks desire to work abroad rather than in their native nation. Many people want to relocate to the United States, even if it’s just to work, because the United States promises a wonderful life. If a person wishes to work and live in the United States, they must apply for a visa that allows them to work and settle abroad

There are several types of US visa for immigration that are accessible, depending on the type of work they will be conducting. Because of the USA H1 visa, employers in the United States can hire foreign workers to work for them. This visa is a subtype of the H1 visa that provides all of the same advantages as the H1 visa, but it is only available to professionals who have earned a bachelor’s degree,  an equivalent degree, or who are certified specialists. People who work for a subsidiary, branch, or company of a business with its headquarters in the United States are eligible for the L1 visa, which is a distinct type of visa altogether.

Employers in the United States are able to hire foreign workers to work for them with the help of the H1 visa. Employers in the US may temporarily hire foreign professionals to work for them under this visa. But the immigrants must possess a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent qualification. Additionally, the candidate must come from a “specialty occupation,” which includes industries like biotechnology, chemistry, architecture, engineering, mathematics, physical sciences, social sciences, medicine, and health, as well as fields like education, law, accounting, business specialisations, religion, and the arts.

Other visas in US

An organisation or business must submit the visa application on behalf of the person, who is unable to do so on their own. The holder of an H1 visa is permitted to stay in the country for a duration of six years before applying for an extension. The candidate might apply for an H-B1 visa to allow family members who are dependent on him to live with him. The ability to apply for both a US green card for oneself and his or her family members is another advantage of obtaining an H1 visa.

There are also B2 visas for the USA and L-1b visas for US that allow one to enter the country and work but it’s not a permanent visa. There are different recruitment criteria for every type of US visa and the terms and requirements are tricky to understand, since the field is unexpectedly hard to understand, it is important for applicants to consider immigration with the help of professionals.

Now that the USA announced their intentions for inviting more than a million Indians in their country, it is time for Indians to act on their dream of working abroad and get in touch with immigration professionals who can help them find work abroad and make it easy to possess a successful offer letter from any organisation.

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