Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

New Entrepreneur Draw: Saskatchewan Issued 34 ITAs Through The SINP

On May 4, 2023, the Canadian Province of Saskatchewan released the latest SINP Draw to invite 34 candidates for permanent residency through the New Entrepreneur Stream.

Latest SINP Draw Highlights

The ITAs sent in the Latest SINP Draw are lesser than the previous ones. The Saskatchewan Immigration authorities conduct new entrepreneur draws every two months. Here is the table to compare all three SINP Draws of 2023.

Date of IssueLowest CRS ScoreAverage CRS ScoreHighest CRS ScoreNumber of ITAs
May 4, 202310010512534
March 3, 2023809513554
January 5, 2023858513050

We can observe that the Average CRS score so far is 105, and Saskatchewan Invites

around 50 applications per draw. You may also send an Expression of interesting case you have planned to migrate to Canada under the Business stream of the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program.

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

Saskatchewan is a province of Canada that welcomes non-Canadians to settle, study, and work through the Provincial Nominee Program. It is one of the programs to provide permanent resident status under the below streams of working category.

  1. International Skilled Worker – This program is for migrants aiming to settle and work in the Province of Saskatchewan.
  2. Worker with Saskatchewan Work Experience – This program is for immigrants already staying and working in Canada and desire to get Canada PR Status.
  3. Entrepreneur – This program is for entrepreneurs aiming to start a company in Saskatchewan.
  4. Farm Owner and Operator – This program is for business owners aiming to buy or operate a farm in the province of Saskatchewan.

New Entrepreneur Stream

Have you observed that the required score is not competitive? For offering Canadian Immigration under Entrepreneur Stream, IRCC prefers three significant selection factors if it finds multiple candidates with the same score.

Official Language Ability

IRCC prioritizes a candidate with more points in IELTS or another language proficiency test authorized by IRCC.

Business Plan for Primary Economic Sector

Saskatchewan Invites global migrants under Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

for the economic development of Canada. The authority prefers candidates with a plan to work for the financial sector in Canada.

Apply for Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program in Entrepreneur Stream

The online application process for Saskatchewan immigration requires candidates to take the below steps.

Step 1 – Expression of Interest

Candidates preparing for Canada Immigration under Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program must meet the requirements to visit under the entrepreneur stream. 

  • Minimum Net Worth of $500,000
  • Minimum three-year experience in Entrepreneur Management
  • Intention to invest $300,000 in Regina or Saskatoon, or $200,000 in any other Saskatchewan area

Candidates fulfilling these requirements are eligible to submit an Expression of Interest. After submitting an EOI, all the candidates enter a waiting pool where they have to wait for the new draw. 

Step 2 – Online Application

The online process for Canada Immigration begins after candidates get ITAs. The application process for Entrepreneur Stream is slightly different as it requires the candidate to provide

  • A proper business establishment plan.
  • The Migrant should have 75% ownership of the proposed company.
  • They should be active in handling the day-to-day management of the business.
  • They must create two or more job opportunities for Canadian Citizens and PRs.

SINP Processing Time

The average SINP processing time is a maximum of 12 weeks. The process starts after a candidate has provided the necessary documents. Candidates get 5 Weeks for the application process, and the entire nomination process takes three weeks.

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