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New Brunswick Welcoming PNP Candidates from Critical Worker Program

Do you know what does Critical Worker Program mean? Do you know how to apply for the same? Do you what differentiate it from all other programs? Do you who are the eligible criteria for the same? Are you aware about the steps to apply for this New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program? If you also have these set of booming in your mind then don’t worry then you are the right spot this post on New Brunswick Welcoming PNP Candidates from Critical Worker Program will provide you all the crucial data which are necessary for you to know.

Up to 10% of PNP applicants will be accepted by New Brunswick

The New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot programme (NBCWP), which was introduced in November 2022, has attracted a lot of interest from skilled immigrants looking for a route to enter to Canada for Worker program.

The programme is an initiative of the federal government and the provincial government of New Brunswick to draw immigrants who can fill labour shortages in the region. The New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Programme has an employer-driven stream with six participating firms who are dispersed around the province and represent a wide range of industries and sectors:

  • Cooke Aquaculture Inc.;
  • Groupe Westco;
  • Groupe Savoie Inc.;
  • J.D. Irving Ltd.;
  • Imperial Manufacturing; and
  • McCain Foods

The New Brunswick government stated when the New Brunswick provincial nominee program was first launched that these firms were chosen because they have a history of outstanding immigrant recruitment practices and already have the requisite settlement programes in place. The five-year experiment will be evaluated on a regular basis.

What makes NB PNP unique from other programes?

  • While the programme uses the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program to target economic immigrants, qualified New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot program candidates will also receive additional settlement assistance. 
  • Participating employers must demonstrate their ability to offer the following in order to guarantee candidates receive this support:
  • Strong settlement plans for housing and transportation, to best support candidates’ successful integration into their new jobs and communities, with a strong focus on long-term retention in this new NB PNP;
  • Provide candidates with up to 200 hours of language training, as needed; 
  • Provide advice and assistance to candidates who might be interested in pursuing their Canadian secondary education equivalency for this New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program
  • Comprehensive HR strategy for recruiting and recruiting skilled international talent as well as for on-the-job skills enhancement .

Who may submit an application for this Worker program?

  • Candidates in the programme must be able to prove their intention to live in the province and have a legitimate work offer from an appropriate employer in order to be nominated.
  • The compensation must be comparable with New Brunswick immigration wage rates for the position in the job offer. According to the government, the salary listed on the job offer must:
  • Be consistent with the pay system of your company;
  • Be equivalent to the rate given to workers having a similar degree of training and experience for equivalent positions in New Brunswick provincial nominee program.
  • Instead of going through the provincial government, programme participants apply straight to one of the programme employers.

What is the program’s size?

  • A maximum of 10% of New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program will go towards the trial programme. 
  • The early success of the programme, according to a spokeswoman for Opportunities New Brunswick (ONB), might translate into numbers reaching over 300 applicants and their families being supported via this trial in 2023.

New Brunswick immigration

  • ONB is certain that the pilot will continue to draw in highly qualified immigrants to the province.
  • The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Programme (AIPP) and the NB Strategy Initiative stream are just two of the New Brunswick immigration has successfully piloted in the past, according to ONB. 
  • “Like those earlier program, we see the Critical Worker Program as a chance to implement novel approaches to immigration for economic reasons, monitor the results in a controlled manner, allowing us to implement adjustments along the way, learn from these attempts, and build on the successes we encounter,” the statement reads.
  • Immigration from New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot program has contributed to population increase in New Brunswick in recent years. 
  • According to data provided by the Canadian Real Estate Association, immigration increased the population of New Brunswick by 4,219 individuals in the fourth quarter.

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