MPNP Draw 623 Skilled Workers invited in Manitoba

MPNP Draw: 623 Skilled Workers invited in Manitoba

On August 24, 2023, the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program conducted a fresh Manitoba EOI draw, focusing on skilled workers from various streams such as Skilled Workers in Manitoba, International Education Streams, and Skilled Worker Overseas Stream. Qualified candidates from different categories in these streams received a total of 623 letters of advice to apply. Each stream that comprises the Manitoba PNP Draw has specific minimum Comprehensive Ranking System Point requirements.

For information on the precise number of Letters of Advice to Apply (LAAs) issued, the CRS cutoff requirements for all these categories, and the targeted occupations, please see the table below.

StreamType of DrawLetter of Advice to ApplyMinimum Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS Score)
Skilled Worker in Manitoba
Occupation-specific selection256612
All occupations250646
International Education StreamCandidates meeting  International Education Stream eligibility requirements 63Not Mentioned
Skilled Worker OverseasCandidates directly invited by the MPNP under a Strategic Recruitment Initiative54724

In the most recent Manitoba PNP Draw, 178 applicants who provided a valid express entry profile number and job seeker validation code out of a total of 623 LAAs issued by the MPNP received letters of recommendation under the Skilled Worker Program.

Manitoba PNP Draw August 24: List of Targeted Occupations

The latest MPNP draw took into account profiles of individuals currently employed in high-demand occupations in Manitoba, categorized under the National Occupational Classification Code (NOC) 2021 major groups.

Occupation CodeProfile
73General trades
74Mail and message distribution
Transport equipment operators and related maintenance workers
75Helpers and labourers and other transport drivers
operators and labourers

General Trades – 73

This category includes the important General Trades professions, which require Training, Education, Experience, and Responsibility (TEER) level 3. Jobs that fall under TEER 3 require completion of a post-secondary education program of less than two years at a community college, institute of technology, or CÉGEP, or completion of an apprenticeship training program of less than two years. Alternatively, it may require more than six months of on-the-job training, training courses, or specific work experience with some secondary school education, or the accumulation of specific qualifications.

  • 731 General construction trades
  • 732 Building maintenance installers, servicers and repairers
  • 733 Transportation occupations
  • 734 Operators, drillers and blasters

Mail and Message Distribution, Other Transport Equipment Operators – 74

Individuals who are involved in delivering mail and messages, operating various modes of transportation, and performing related maintenance tasks are all members of this important group. These occupations are categorized under TEER 4, which requires individuals to possess specific levels of training, education, experience, and responsibility.

 Generally, completion of secondary school or relevant experience in a TEER 5 occupation (occupations with a 5 as the second digit in their code) is required for jobs falling under TEER 4. Additionally, a few weeks of on-the-job training combined with some secondary school education may also be necessary. of on-the-job training combined with some secondary school education may also be necessary.

  • 741 Mail and message distribution occupations
  • 742 Transport equipment operators, utility maintenance and related workers

Helpers and Labourers and Other Transport Drivers, Operators and Labourers – 75

This significant group comprises helpers, labourers, transport operators, drivers, and other workers. These professions fall under the TEER 5 category, which stands for Training, Education, Experience, and Responsibility. Jobs classified as TEER 5, with a 5 as the second digit in their code, typically require some work experience but no formal education.

  • 751 Helpers and labourers
  • 752 Transport drivers, operators and labourers


You have expressed your interest in obtaining permanent residence in Manitoba and we have recognized it through a Letter of Advice to Apply. Once you receive the LAA, you can access the complete MPNP application by logging into your account.

You have 60 days from the receipt of your LAA to submit a complete application.

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