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Latest Manitoba’s Draw Invites Only Skilled Workers, With CRS Of 616!

Every Canadian provision invites applicants to find employment and permanent residence in Canada through a variety of immigration programmes, such as express entry and provision nominee programs. One of Canada’s providers, Manitoba, recently encouraged talented workers to work in their provision. On April 27, 2023, the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Programme (MPNP) held a new Expression of Interest (EOI) draw for individuals in the pool awaiting a nomination.

This Manitoba PNP latest draw was different since it only invites those who are skilled workers in foreign countries with a valid express entry number and job-finding validation code. In the April 27 EOI draw, no Skilled Workers in Manitoba for International Education Stream candidates received Letters of Advice to Apply (LAAs).

According to the above data, we have the following:

  • Targeted PNP stream: Skilled Worker Overseas to increase the rate of Skilled Workers in Manitoba
  • Number of Letters of Advice to Apply issued: 558 invites(although 558 LAAs got issued in this draw but only 344 were issued to candidates who declared a valid express entry profile number and job-seeking validation code).
  • Ranking score of lowest-ranked candidate invited: 616 CRS score

Why should you apply through Manitoba PNP?

Individuals seeking to immigrate to Canada should consider applying to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Programme (MPNP). Manitoba is a varied and inviting province that provides a good standard of living as well as several chances for immigrants to flourish and grow.

One of the primary advantages of applying to the MPNP is that it provides a reasonably simplified and reasonable method to apply for Canada PR. The MPNP offers a variety of immigration streams to different types of applicants, such as skilled professionals, entrepreneurs, international students, and others. This implies that those seeking to immigrate to Manitoba, regardless of their background or credentials, have several possibilities.

Another advantage of the MPNP is its low minimum language skill requirement, making it more accessible to people who do not speak English or French effectively. Furthermore, when compared to other Canadian immigration programmes, the MPNP has a relatively high acceptance rate, which means that applicants have a better chance of being approved for Canadian permanent residency.

Manitoba is also recognised for its robust economy, which provides numerous possibilities for talented individuals across various industries. Furthermore, compared to other Canadian provinces, the cost of living in Manitoba is relatively low, allowing immigrants to enjoy a high standard of living without breaking the bank.

What are the other Canadian provision and programs

Canada’s provisions have their own immigration process, eligibility criteria, pointer calculator system etc., which is why each draw of individual programs makes an impact on Canada. Here’s a list of Canada’s provisions and what they are:

  1. The Alberta Advantage Immigration Programme (AAIP) is a programme that nominates persons for permanent residency in Alberta. Nominees must have the necessary skills to fill employment shortages or have plans to acquire or start a business in Alberta. 
  2. British Columbia’s Provision Nominee Program consists of three streams: Skills Immigration, Express Entry BC, and Entrepreneur Immigration. In British Columbia, these streams are organised into groups that target skilled employees, overseas graduates, and other professionals with the required skills, experience, and qualifications.
  3. The New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Programme (NBPNP) is the province’s nominee programme, featuring streams aimed at entrepreneurs, foreign graduates, skilled employees with employer assistance, and skilled workers through the federal government’s Express Entry selection system.
  4. A skilled worker, an international graduate, or a startup entrepreneur can apply for immigration under the Newfoundland Provincial Nominee Programme (NLPNP) of Labrador if they have a job or job offer, intend to live in the province, and will be able to establish themselves economically.
  5. The Nova Scotia Nominee Programme (NSNP) is a Nova Scotia Nominee Programme that allows qualifying skilled workers, foreign graduates, entrepreneurs, and professionals to be nominated to reside permanently in the province. As part of the program, there are three streams of economic immigration, one of which is linked to Canada’s Express Entry program.
  6. Ontario nominates foreign employees, international students, company owners, or entrepreneurs with the skills, experience, education, and purpose to settle in the province as permanent residents through the (Ontario Immigrant Nominee Programme) OINP.
  7. The Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Programme (PEI PNP) is the island province’s economic immigration programme for skilled workers, international graduates, and entrepreneurs who can establish themselves economically in PEI and desire to live and live and work there. 
  8. The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Programme is the province’s specialised immigration programme for selecting and nominating qualified foreign nationals through several paths, including the province’s leading International Skilled Worker: Express Entry and Occupation In-Demand categories.
  9. The Northwest Territories Provincial Nominee Programme allows applications for economic immigration to settle in Northern Canada through two primary streams: There are three separate streams for both employer-driven and business-driven immigration, including a skilled worker stream aligned with Express Entry.
  10. The Yukon Nominee Programme aids qualifying companies in Canada’s northern territory in nominating globally trained foreign employees and people in business for permanent residency in Canada.

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