Latest Express Entry Draw: IRCC Issued 4,800 ITAs In All-Program Draw

IRCC has just released the thirteenth Express Entry Draw of this year. In the latest draw, the Canadian govt has sent 4,800 Invitations to Apply (ITA) to candidates waiting in the pool. The IRCC has issued these applications for all-program-draw, which means that all professionals in this pool are eligible to apply for this draw.

Express Entry Draw: May 24, 2023.

Before diving into the details of the latest express entry draw, let’s first understand what an express entry draw is. Express Entry is an online system used by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to manage applications for permanent residency.

Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada holds periodic draws where they invite candidates from the express entry pool to apply for permanent residency in Canada.

DateProgramStreamNo of ITAsRequired Score
May 24, 2023Express EntryAll-Program Draw4,800488

If you are following Canada\’s immigration policies closely, you may have already heard that the IRCC issued the thirteenth draw of the year. Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada has invited 4,800 candidates with this latest draw. It is a huge number and provides career and growth opportunities to a great number of candidates.  Let\’s take a closer look at what this means.

All-Program-Draw: What It Entails

In the All-Program-Draw, Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada acknowledges applications from all immigration programs and streams managed in the Express Entry Management System. The programs are as follows:

FSWP –  Federal Skilled Worker Program

FSTP – Federal Skilled Trades Program

CECCanadian Experience Class

PNP – Provincial Nominee Program (Express Entry streams only)

So, if you\’re a highly skilled professional in one of these programs, this is your chance to apply for permanent residency in Canada.

Comprehensive Ranking System Score

All the candidates, who are eligible for the latest express entry opening, need to pass the cutoff. Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada has set the CRS Sore Requirement to 488. If you have 488 or more points, then you have a greater chance of getting a Canada PR Visa.

Who Can Apply

As mentioned earlier, this draw is an all-program draw. So, if you have already created a profile in the express entry pool and are eligible for any of the above programs, then it is high time for you to check if you have got an Invitation to Apply.

Updated Pattern for Express Entry Draws 2023

Express Entry has not yet developed a clear pattern in terms of the quantity of ITAs, the regularity of draws, or even the stream of draws, for the year 2023.

The pre-pandemic schedule consisted of two-week intervals before sending invitations to all-program draw continued in January. However, the IRCC held four draws regarding specific programs during February 1 and March 1, this changed in February. The first FSWP program-specific draw took place in February as well.

In February, there were three draws, and in March, there was one draw every week. Throughout March, around 21,000 applicants received an invitation to apply.

The pre-pandemic schedule with a single all-program draw for two weeks was resumed in April.

It is anticipated that IRCC would start organizing a draw that selects candidates for Express Entry based on specific characteristics instead of the Comprehensive Ranking System. 

Bill C – 19 will provide Canada\’s immigration minister the power to select applicants who will help the nation achieve its financial goals by easing pressure, especially on certain industries brought on by persistent workforce shortages.

The IRCC and the immigration minister have complete authority over the Express Entry draws. The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act has no provisions regarding the frequency of drawings, which programs will be used, the number of applicants, or the minimum CRS cut-off score. In other words, IRCC is under no responsibility.

Canada’s Immigration Level Plans After Pandemic

The pandemic has severally impacted the immigration process in Canada, and the authorities are still busy tackling the after-effects of the global lockdown and economic slowdown. The number of ITAs released in 2023 is far greater than it used to be prior to 2019, since, the demand for a workforce has augmented after all this. 

The number of invitations to apply released by the IRCC is directly impacted by the ups and downs in the Canadian labor market.

 In recent years, Canada has been increasing its immigration targets to address labor shortages and boost economic growth. As a result, the IRCC has been issuing more invitations to apply for permanent residency to meet these targets and support the country\’s workforce needs. 

The government\’s immigration-level plans for the upcoming years also impact the Canadian immigration process, as they determine the number of immigrants that will be admitted into the country. The government\’s commitment to immigration is reflected in its efforts to streamline the application process and improve settlement services for newcomers.

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