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ITAs From Ontario Latest Draw: 14 Candidates In Entrepreneur Stream!

An EOI draw for candidates under the Entrepreneur Stream was conducted by the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program on May 12, 2023. A business establishment is possible in Ontario latest draw through the Ontario Entrepreneur Stream for experienced business professionals.

In total, 14 Invitations to Apply (ITAs) have been issued to candidates. Their CRS scores range from 135 to 178.

According to new information, we have: 

Number of candidates invited to apply: 14 ITAs in total

Comprehensive Ranking Score: 135 – 178 CRS score

Targeted Stream: Entrepreneur (one who willingly invest)

Process after getting ITAs

You are not required to contact the programme if you have got an ITA. Two emails will be sent to you with login information and instructions for submitting an application to the OINP after ontario latest draw. If you got notification that your Expression of Interest (EOI) was eligible for an ITA but did not obtain one this round, the EOI was scored below 135.

Nevertheless, an invitation to apply will remain available to your EOI for 12 months after it has been submitted to the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP).

Immigrate to canada through OINP Entrepreneur stream

Immigrating to Ontario as an Entrepreneur has a number of advantages, making it an appealing option for business professionals looking for new chances. Here are some of the primary benefits of relocating to Ontario as an entrepreneur:

  • Strong Economy: Ontario PNP boasts one of the largest and most varied economies in Canada, with numerous business prospects in a variety of areas. For entrepreneurs to prosper, the province provides a stable and encouraging environment.
  • Market Access: Because of Ontario’s strategic position, businesses have easy access to both local and international markets. The closeness of the province to major US markets provides opportunity for commerce and collaboration.
  • Skilled Workforce: Ontario has a highly talented and educated workforce, which may help entrepreneurial initiatives succeed. The province is home to various prestigious institutions and colleges.
  • Quality of Life: With outstanding healthcare, education, and infrastructure, Ontario and Ontario latest draw provides a high level of life. The province offers a desirable lifestyle for entrepreneurs and their families, with dynamic multinational neighbourhoods, various recreational activities, and a rich cultural landscape.
  • Government Assistance: The government of Ontario offers a variety of programmes and services to help entrepreneurs start and expand their enterprises. Funding efforts, company development services, and mentorship options are among the programmes offered.
  • Immigration Programmes: The province of Ontario has specific immigration programmes, such as the Entrepreneur Stream, to recruit and promote international businesses. These programmes provide a clear path for entrepreneurs to apply for Canada PR or permanent residency and reap the benefits of living and working in Canada.

Networking and Collaboration: With countless networking events, industry groups, and company incubators, Ontario latest PNP draw boasts a robust business environment. These sites help Entrepreneurs network, collaborate, and share information, boosting innovation and development.

How to immigrate through OINP

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Programme (OINP) has an immigration path called the Entrepreneur path. It is governed by the Ontario Immigration Act, 2015, and its accompanying rules. To be authorised, your application must follow the process and fulfil the conditions outlined in the rules. This is merely a summary; if there is any conflict between this webpage and the legislation, the statute takes precedence.

This stream is designed for entrepreneurs from outside of Canada who want to launch a new business or purchase an existing one in Ontario.

Upon establishing a business in Ontario, Ontario latest draw gives them a chance to make investment abroad and an entrepreneur can be nominated for permanent residency (along with up to one foreign business partner).. If you are nominated, you must apply to the federal government via Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). They are the ones who make the ultimate decision on who becomes a permanent resident.

The Entrepreneur Stream application have two stages:

Stage 1: Submit an expression of interest.

  • If you are invited, fill out an online application.
  • You and your business partner (if relevant) are required to attend an interview.
  • If your stage 1 application is approved, then you will have to submit a performance agreement.

Stage 2: We provide you with a temporary work permit support letter so that you can apply for a temporary work permit with IRCC.

  • Putting your business plan into action and submitting a final report will take you 20 months from the moment you arrive in Ontario.
  • If your company fits all of the requirements, we will request evidence to ensure that you are qualified for permanent residency nomination.

Immigrating to Canada through Ontario latest draw as an entrepreneur may give entrepreneurs access to a supportive business climate, varied markets, and a good quality of life, placing them for success in their entrepreneurial endeavours.

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