IRCC’s Initiative To Improve and Strengthen Immigration System!

IRCC’s Initiative To Improve and Strengthen Immigration System!

Canada outperforms its peers in terms of the global economy. With a 1.6 trillion dollar production or $48,100 per person, Canada is the 10th largest economy in the world while having the 38th largest population.

Canada is without a doubt the country that controls immigration. Canada welcomes thousands of immigrants each year and offers them citizenship perks. The answer to the question of why Canada is so eager to welcome immigrants is that less and less young residents of the country will bear the financial responsibility of caring for the older population. Many issues, ranging from economic to demographic to social to political, will arise for the country as a result of the population decline. Maybe for this reason, Canada is so interested in skilled immigration.

Recently, An initiative called “An Immigration System for Canada’s Future” has been established by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to work with Canadians and stakeholders to create a more secure and adaptable immigration system.

What’s new Canada is doing to improve the immigration system?

IRCC is programming the scheme by taking advice from multi shareholders to share their ideas and perspectives on how to build a stronger and more adaptive Canadian immigration system. By developing contemporary, adaptable, and linked policies and initiatives that address Canada’s social, economic, and cultural requirements, the effort seeks to promote the Canadian economy and improve communities. Until April 2023, Canada’s government will collaborate with other countries to create a vision for Canada’s future immigration system.

The programs were introduced with the intention of working with shareholders and citizens to create more opportunities for immigrants and improve the system of immigration in Canada. Sean Fraser, Canada’s Immigration minister, officiated over a face-to-face dialogue session in Halifax in February to kick off the programme. The effort is expected to include additional face-to-face discussion sessions, thematic workshops, and a public and client survey.

Survey available for the public

Today, the IRCC made the survey available to the public, asking them to participate and offer their recommendations to enhance immigration in Canada.

The study starts out by asking respondents their initial ideas on the country’s present immigration system, whether they believe the Canadian government is handling immigration correctly or not, and how many immigrants they think are coming to Canada. These are the basic questions that will be asked in the survey to collect the public opinion on Canada’s immigration system. IRCC put many different scenarios in the survey to accurately answer people and with that, the survey continues to ask many different questions about immigration and what can be done in Canada to improve the system.

This initiative’s sole goal is to learn what Canadian residents and immigrants who have been there on permanent residency for a while think about immigration and what else can be done to make the process simple and straightforward. Immigration can exacerbate these pressures while also bringing in laborers for industries like healthcare and construction. The fairness and transparency of the immigration system, as well as how federal, provincial, and territorial stakeholders can be involved in the selection and settlement of newcomers, are other trends that are examined.

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