French Becomes Mandatory In All Quebec Economic Immigration Programs.

As per the recent changes made in Quebec economic immigration programs, French speakers are now welcomed more than ever.

Canada’s only province that practices autonomy in immigration decisions, Quebec is looking to ensure that by 2026, all Quebec economic immigration programs will only welcome French speakers for immigration in quebec.

Knowledge of French is required from the applicant and their spouse, if any.

Meanwhile, their dependents should be willing to learn French if they are receiving any sponsorships. 

The changes introduced under the jurisdiction of Minister of Immigration, Francisation and Integration, Christine Frechette seek to preserve the language French and its culture.


  • Largest province in canada 
  • Ample amount of opportunities and exposure to different cultures
  • Need of labor and skilled worker 
  • Diverse economy, strong service and IT sector

Quebec is considering expanding rates of immigration in Quebec from 50,000 to 60,000 per year.

 For the year 2023, it is targeting to welcome 65% of people who apply under Quebec\’s economic immigration program.

If there\’s any time to apply to become a permanent resident in Canada, it is now!

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A unique state with an official language, Quebec considers knowledge of French on primary basis when selecting immigrants as per the quebec economic immigration programs.

While, knowledge of French is advisable for easier and swift visa approval in the Quebec province, there are also other ways of immigration in quebec.

Whether you’re a skilled worker or student, Quebec calls for you all.


Similar to the federal skilled worker under express entry, 

Quebec regular skilled worker program or Quebec skilled worker program is suitable for foreign skilled workers. One must fill out an EOI (expression of internist) post which the ministere de l’immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration (MIFI)  will select candidates.

EOI gives equal opportunity to those who apply for permanent residence under Quebec\’s economic immigration program. 

It is a three step process –

  1. Submit an electronic EOI application for permanent residence in quebec as a skilled worker

 This helps the government select few and dismiss others. It is a screening process that considers the candidates based on their human capital and interest in market-labor activities

  1. Invitation to apply for permanent residence under quebec economic immigration programs

This helps in finalizing the candidates and giving them an opportunity to acquire permanent residence in Canada. Those selected can apply to the government of canada to become permanent residents.

  1. After submitting permanent resident documents, the Immigration refugees and citizenship canada IRCC will conduct a medical and criminal background check.


Candidates must obtain a suitable number of points under the comprehensive ranking system, CRS under the Quebec skilled worker program to qualify.

The following factors should be considered for eligibility –

  • Education, a bachelors is mandatory to meet the educational requirement of the district.
  • Some job offers may require masters or doctorate too, depending on their company policy.
  • Work experience 
  • You need at least a year of experience to apply under the Quebec regular skilled worker program. 
  • Age 
  • Knowledge of french and english 
  • Any family in quebec 
  • Valid job offer
  • Any dependents 
  • Ability to retain financial independence and support themselves

The application fees of Quebec regular skilled workers under Quebec economic immigration programs is CAD 844.

Fees for dependents, including spouse and children is CAD 181


The Quebec experience program under the Quebec Economic immigration Programs is for those who have previously worked or studied in quebec. 

This program helps in fastening the visa process and gives a decision within 6 months of receiving application.

The program launched in 2019, aims at providing foreign graduates or citizenship holders an opportunity to attain permanent residence in Quebec.

There are two streams of the Quebec experience program.

You can apply from either of the following – 

  1. Temporary foreign workers 
  2. Quebec graduates 


Eligibility to apply as a foreign worker 

  • Must have an intention to settle in canada
  • Must have an intention of holding a job for economic reasons
  • Must be employed at the time of application processing
  • Must have evidence of employment 
  • Have had stayed in quebec as a temporary worker before or as a part of youth exchange program
  • Have had work experience in quebec for a minimum of 24 months 
  • Should know english and french 

 If applying for a spousal visa, the spouse should know French and must be willing to partake in economic activities.

Eligibility to apply as as a quebec graduate 

  • Must have an intention to settle in canada
  • Must hold a bachelors, masters or DEC diploma
  • Should have at least 18 months of work experience
  • Have studies in quebec for a minimum of 1,800 hours or two years
  • Holds a degree recognised by the quebec ministry of education 
  • Should know english and french 

If applying for a spousal visa, the spouse should know French too and must be willing to partake in economic activities.

Quebec experience program visa costs CAD 822

For dependent applications, it costs CAD 176


This program is available to those who have entrepreneurial skills, or wish to invest in the province of quebec.

Those applying for Quebec business immigration under the Quebec economic immigration programs must be capable of becoming economically established in canada.

The following are three kinds of programs under Quebec business immigration.

  1. Quebec Investor program 

To apply under this, one needs 

  • A suitable worth 
  • Managerial experience 
  • Willing to invest in a government secured scheme for at least 5 years
  • Should finance only through canadian financial institutions
  • Should not have a criminal background concerning finance 
  1. Quebec entrepreneur program 

To apply under this, one needs

  • A suitable net worth 
  • A business idea approved by the government of canada or concerned authority 
  • Deposit or startup amount 
  • Willing to establish or acquire a business in quebec 
  • Managerial experience 
  1. Quebec self employed worker program

To apply under this, one needs 

  • A suitable net worth
  • Work experience in a formal institution 
  • Intend to practice economic activity in quebec


Quebec is experiencing a labor shortage and is increasing its immigrant intake. Those who have pursued French at any level of education and have suitable work experience will be welcomed with open arms in quebec.

A popular and well established province, Quebec will expose a person to good job opportunities as well as phenomenal events, gathering.

Apply today for permanent residence in Quebec, either as a skilled worker or student NOW.

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