First Skill Immigration Draw Of May: British Columbia Issued 176 ITAs!

British Columbia, one of Canada’s provincial nominee programs (PNP), held the first draw in May, welcoming skilled immigration candidates. The British Columbia provincial nominee program (BC PNP) issued around 176 invitations to apply (ITAs) to qualifying skilled workers and graduates from abroad on May 2nd, 2023.

British Columbia has a program under PNP where the British Columbia government can invite their choice of immigrants to settle and work for their economy. Where candidates can apply for permanent residency after getting the ITAs from either PNP or express entry, provision can also invite their immigrants by giving them citizen benefits such as medical care, other Canadian permanent residency benefits.

Latest BC PNP draw: Who was invited?

Category 1

A total of 133 ITAs given to candidates who

  • international graduates (including EEBC option) with a minimum score of 107 and 
  • skilled workers (including EEBC option) with a minimum score of 104 in a general draw
  • Candidates of  and Semi-Skilled and with a score of 85.

Category 2

A total of 43 candidates with ITAs being issued to –

  • There are 22 skilled workers and international graduates (including EEBC option) from Childcare: Early Childhood Educators & Assistants (NOC 42202) – with a minimum score of 60 in a Targeted Draw.
  • With a minimum score of 60, 16 skilled workers and international graduates (including EEBC option) are eligible.
  • With a minimum score of 60, 5 skilled workers and international graduates (including EEBC options) from Other Priority Occupations (NOCs 31103, 32104) are eligible.

What are the different categories under BC PNP?

British Columbia has their own rules when it comes to permanent residency. In addition to BC, all other provisions under PNP have their own rules, eligibility criteria, document requirements, and pointer systems to help applicants understand their requirements and apply accordingly. There are three categories of immigrants that can be invited to join British Columbia’s provincial nomination program (BC PNP):

  • Skilled Worker: Skills Immigration; 
  • International Graduate: Skills Immigration; 
  • Entry-level and Semi-Skilled: Express Entry 
  • BC Express Entry: Skilled Worker BC; 
  • International Graduate

Apart from the above mentioned categories, there are other two: HealthCare Professionals and International Post-Graduates in Skills Immigration and Express Entry BC streams that do not require an invitation to apply under BC PNP

Why is BC PNP beneficial for skilled workers? 

British Columbia offers its residents high living standards and the opportunity to develop a successful career. On an annual basis, more than 1,350 skilled workers are invited to apply for permanent residency in canada by the British Columbia province, These applicants got ITAs with the help of the BC PNPs nominee programs Aka. PNP;

  • Skilled Worker Category: Foreign workers in this category must have been given a legitimate job offer by an eligible employer for skilled employment. Candidates must also have a minimum amount of experience.
  • Health Care Professional Category: An ideal candidate would have an eligible job offer and several years’ experience in the health sectors in order to qualify for a position as a nurse, physician, psychiatric nurse, or any other related profession.
  • International Post-Graduate, BC Degree Category: Graduates of a legitimate British Columbian education institution with a master’s or doctorate degree are eligible to apply.
  • Entry-level and Semi-skilled Worker Category: This sub-category is intended for immigrants seeking positions in tourism/hospitality, food processing, and long-haul trucking that require some degree of skill or knowledge.
  • International Graduate, Canadian Degree Category: A legit and eligible Canadian educational institution must have graduated international students within the past two years to be eligible for this category.

Minimum Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must have accepted a full-time job offer 
  • Except for the International Post-Graduate Category, a pay offer must be in line with province wage standards.
  • Except for the International Post-Graduate Category, you must be able to support yourself and your family.
  • Must meet minimum language requirements for the Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker Category);
  • Any additional requirements specific to your category must be fulfilled;
  • Employers must also fulfil qualifying requirements (with the exception of the International Post-Graduate Category).

There are some exceptions to the weekly ITAs issued by the BC PNP to eligible candidates. Next BC PNP draw-date, size, and frequency are determined by BC PNP application inventory needs. We have no case or schedule of when BC PNP held their next draw.

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