$5.3 million will support young immigrants’ integration into Quebec society: 2023 updates

Recently, the Quebec government has announced a grant of $5.3 million to support young immigrants\’ integration into Quebec society. Also, Canada will be inviting a total of 1.45 million immigrants to the country in the next three years. This is a significant step towards creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for newcomers in Canada. In this blog post, we\’ll explore what this grant means for those who set their foot in Quebec through the Quebec Skilled Worker Program or any other program and how it will impact their future in Quebec. So, sit tight and get ready to be inspired by the possibilities that lie ahead!

Overview of the fund program

Quebec’s Ministry of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion has announced to get up to 115,000 new permanent residents annually to support the incorporation of young immigrants into Quebec society. The 5.3 millions will be used to fund programs and services that help individuals who migrate to Canada in hope for a better lifestyle. The program will help them secure safe and sound migration in Quebec, find employment, and access education and training opportunities. The grant is part of the ministry’s commitment to supporting the integration of all immigrants, regardless of their age or stage in the settlement process. It is also in line with Quebec’s Youth Strategy, which aims to support the successful integration of young people from all backgrounds.

This is welcome news for many young immigrants who face challenges when trying to get Canada PR visa and then getting used to Quebec society. Often, they arrive in Quebec without speaking French and have difficulty finding employment. This grant will help them overcome these barriers and become successful members of Quebec society.

What’s the gain of it? What services and initiatives will be funded by the grant?

The grant will support the newcomer Canadian Permanent Residents Quebec society by providing services and programs to help them settle in the province such as sponsor their french classes etc. The grant will also help fund research on the best ways to integrate young immigrants in Quebec.

These include programs that help them learn French, find jobs, and access social services. The grant will also support research on the needs of young immigrants, and on ways to better meet those needs.

The grant will be used to support existing programs and services that help young immigrants settle in Quebec, find employment, and access education and training opportunities. It will also be used to develop new initiatives that respond to the specific needs of young immigrants.  This initiative of my Quebec government will help immigrants feel safe and at home.

Where will the funding be utilized?

The funds will be invested in businesses that offer settlement services in French to immigrants aged 14 to 30+. The Program to Accompany and Facilitate Integration in Quebec includes several settlement services.

So, what is the future of Quebec’s immigrants? Well, Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, has expressed his confidence in Quebec\’s potential to receive more than 100,000 immigrants yearly. The ambitious immigration plan Canada has in place for the years 2023 to 2025 supports this statement.


Quebec’s young immigrants will benefit from a funding boost of about $5.3 million for settlement services. This initiative will provide much needed support to the immigrant population, allowing them to gain access to essential services and resources that can help them build better lives for themselves and their families. In addition, BOI services provide the same services such as making your immigration to Canada an easy and smooth process. The immigration opportunities create job opportunities and now is the time to act on them. You can get in touch with our IRCC certified experts who are experienced in the visa and settle abroad field.

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