Job assistance in order to secure a job in your country of your dreams. BOI Services
Job assistance in order to secure a job in your country of your dreams. BOI Services

Job Search Assistance

The world is full of opportunities, but finding them at the right time requires skill. If you are a skilled professional and looking for better job opportunities to enhance your career and life then moving abroad can be a great decision. 

Immigrating to overseas countries is quite easy but getting a job can be tough. To find a job that matches your standards you need to take expert guidance. Boi Services “Job Search Assistance” follow a thorough process to ensure that clients have better possibilities of landing a job abroad

What is Job Search Assistance?

It is a form of assistance provided by a variety of different sources to job seekers from all walks of life. The type of assistance usually involves career counseling, skills assessment, resume writing, and cover letter writing, along with assistance with job applications. Job assistance facilitators then help job seekers apply for suitable positions and prepare them for interviews.

Significant aspects of finding a job abroad

If you want to immigrate to an overseas country then you first need to secure a job there, it will ease your problems. Once you get the job then apply for your visa and move to an overseas country. 

If you feel the need then you can take international job search services, through this you can easily secure a job in overseas countries. A Job Assistant will guide you with when, where, and how to apply for a job. They will also assist you in interviews with different employers, and guide you to make a resume or CV which will attract more employers to your profile.

Why Work Abroad?

The experience of working abroad can profoundly change your life and career. Working abroad can be the right choice for you if you are willing to:

  • Gain professional advancement and global mobility
  • Increase your savings by earning dollar salaries
  • Have better lifestyles in well-developed countries
  • Gain access to citizen benefits
  • Obtain a powerful passport that enables international travels
  • Have access to top-notch healthcare services
  • Have access to affordable world-class education
  • Improve your family’s quality of life

How to find a Job Abroad?

Follow the steps mentioned below to secure a job abroad:

Step 1. Check if you eligible to work in your preferred countries

Step 2. Evaluate or assess whether your occupation profile is in demand or not

Step 3. Search for jobs under which you are eligible

Step 4. Use digital platforms like LinkedIn to apply for jobs

Step 5. Research those organizations where you want to work

Our Job Search Services

Over the years, we have refined our job search services, to increase your success rate. In order to help you find a job abroad, we offer the following services:

Job Search Strategy Report – Based on your profile, we create a comprehensive report and determine how to position it in your selected nations.

Opportunity Research – We identify industry trends and job sources to increase your job interviews and offers. We assist you in adjusting your profile so that it appears on several platforms.

Job Application – Our team registers your profile on different job sites and portals and helps you to apply for relevant job postings. 

How can BOI Services Job Assistance help you?

BOI Services is a trusted and verified consultant, we can lawfully provide you our assistance in finding a job in any overseas country. We assist our clients in,

  • Documents Rectification
  • Resume Modification
  • Job Guidance
  • Preparing for job interviews
  • Completing Job Applications
  • Showcasing client profiles on International Platforms
  • Networking
  • Providing leads on available opening which matches client’s profile
  • Applying for jobs on behalf of clients