IELTS Slot Booking

IELTS ( International English Language Testing System ) is one such kind of English proficiency exam. The IELTS exam tests your ability to communicate and function in the English language. Getting the right date and location for the IELTS exam is of utmost importance to get admission to the college of your choice. Due to IELTS’s widespread acceptance, booking an examination slot can be challenging.

What is IELTS Exam? 

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is one of the most prominent & recognized language test for non-native English language speakers to work or study in nations abroad. It is conducted by British Council and IDP India for abroad jobs and university admissions. IELTS is conducted by IDP Education in more than 50 test centers across India.

IDP IELTS has more than 1,400 exam locations across 56 nations. It includes more than 260 IELTS computer-delivered IELTS test centers. IELTS is conducted by IDP Education in more than 50 test centers across India.

IELTS Registration 2022

In India, the IELTS exam is conducted 48 times a year. But it is always advised to book the IELTS exam slot well in advance. There are some months when the number of applicants increases and IELTS slots aren’t readily available. As this usually happens during the month of July and August, it is best to book an IELTS exam slot as soon as possible if you are seeking one. A window of seven days should be taken when scheduling the IELTS exam time slot since the speaking test takes place either before or after the test day.

How to Book an IELTS Slot?

Candidates should book their IELTS slots well in advance in order to avoid last-minute rushes. However, candidates can book their test slots up to 24 hours before the examination date. In this case, the candidate may not get his/her preferred location/slot. The most important thing to remember while booking an IELTS slot is that the applicant must be at least 16 years of age and must have a valid passport.

To book a test slot, candidates can register online or offline. Here is a detailed guide for both paper & computer-based IELTS slots for 2022.

IELTS Slot Booking – Online

Follow the steps mentioned below to book an IELTS slot online:

Step 1. First Visit the IELTS official website

Step 2. Click on the option ‘Register for Test’.

Step 3. Select the mode & format of examination whether you want to take the test in paper-based or computer-based mode.

Step 4. Select the type of IELTS exam (Academic or General Training).

Step 5. Pick the nearest test IELTS test center.

Step 6. Click on the option ‘View Test Dates’.

Step 7. Select the appropriate IELTS test time from the available slots.

Step 8.  As soon as a date and time are selected, the website will display the available time slots.

Step 9. Complete all the personal details and pay the fees.

IELTS Slot Booking – Offline

Follow the steps mentioned below to book an IELTS slot offline:

Step 1. First Visit the IELTS official website and check the nearest center

Step 2. Fill out the application form after downloading it.

Step 3. Fill up your preference for the IELTS exam format & type

Step 4. Submit all necessary documents & the format to the center near you.

Step 5. Pay the exam fees

Step 6. The exam center will send you a confirmation of the exam date & time.

Documents required for IELTS Slot Booking

Here are some of the critical documents that you may require for the IELTS slot booking:

  • Copy of acknowledgment letter after a registration
  • A valid Passport (copy of both sides of the passport)
  • Application form (In offline slot booking)
  • Proof of payment

Rescheduling/Cancelling IELTS Examination

  • The IELTS exam can be rescheduled if it is at least 15 days from the date of the transfer application.
  • You can book or reschedule an IELTS test slot within 34 days from the examination date without providing any reason.
  • You can apply for IELTS slot cancellation if the examination date is at least 15 days from the application cancellation date.
  • If you cancel your test more than five weeks before the test date, you will receive a refund without an administration fee
  • You will not get any refund if you cancel your test five weeks or less before the test date without giving a valid medical reason.
  • It will take 8-10 business days for the refund to be processed, but an administrative charge will be deducted.

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