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Health Care Workers Permanent Residence

If you are a healthcare worker in Canada and have desire to be a permanent immigrant. Then don’t go anywhere because BOI Services is here for you, we will provide you with a complete guide regarding health care workers permanent residence pathway.

If you have temporarily worked as a healthcare worker in Canada, then this is the right opportunity for you. The permanent residency for healthcare workers is issued to those who are already in Canada. If you have the skill and also contain work experience as healthcare worker to fight the pandemic, then you can apply for it without any adversity.

The Canadian government opens the path to getting a permanent resident visa in Canada. Canada which is a place of opportunity for healthcare workers. The IRCC has started accepting applications in May and closed in November 2021. But there is still some vacant place to fill. Hence, if you meet the criteria, you may apply.

Health Care Workers permanent residence requirements

We will let you the requirements to get a PR visa as Healthcare Worker.

  • You must have pending or failed refugee claimant. 

  • You must have work permit issued by Canadian Government.

  • You must have work experience in Canada’s healthcare sector. 

  • You and your family members must be in the admissible category to Canada.

  • If you are currently working in Canada then, you have the great opportunity to get a PR visa.

  • You must have done the specific job for direct patient healthcare during the pandemic. 

  • You have a great chance to get PR from the Canadian Government. In last few years they have invited around 50,000 health care workers. 

  • If you are the spouse of the healthcare workers who worked and died during Covid-19 pandemic, then you may also apply to be a permanent resident in Canada.


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Documents needed for Healthcare worker PR visa

  1. Proof of work experience which shows that you worked as a healthcare worker in Canada. You should have a total of 30 hours/week for 6 months of work experience.

  2. You need a passport and travel documents.

  3. You must have proof of living status in Canada.

  4. Death certificate of your spouse if you are applying as a partner of the health worker, who died during Covid-19 pandemic is required.

How to Apply for Healthcare worker permanent residence?

You have gathered all your documents needed you may proceed to apply.

  • Fill out all the questions in the form properly.

  • Sign your application form

  • Include all your supporting documents.

  • Pay your application fees online & print the receipt submit along with your application. 

If you will be eligible then you will be informed from our side. You & your family will have to undergo a complete medical examination. 

BOI Services is always with you to assist you in approving your Documents.