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Family class immigration Canada

Do you want to live in Canada with your family? Do you want to sponsor your family in Canada? Then this Canada family class immigration program is just for you. Here we discuss all aspects of this program.

Family class sponsorship enables you to sponsor some of your relatives. If you are 18+ and a citizen of Canada then you can sponsor your family to immigrate to Canada.

Although the processing of sponsorship applications are quite affected by Covid-19 Pandemic, IRCC is still accepting family sponsorship application. The Government of Canada is still searching the innovative way to reunite the families. The family class program is the pillar of Canada‘s immigration system.

You have to sign a Sponsorship Agreement with your family members. This agreement states that you have to promise your family members to provide financial support for the basic needs (like food, clothing & shelter) for whom you are sponsoring. This agreement assures the Canadian government that you don’t need any government support for survival in Canada. If you are already a permanent residence of Canada, Then you can sponsor the relatives whom you want to live with you. You promise that your family members or relatives can live, study and work with you. 

Family class sponsorship requirements

  • Must have the age above 18

  • Must have the ability to support his family members. The person needs to show that he has enough funds to maintain his family. 

  • He must assure that he will not require any help from the Government.

Who you can Sponsor?


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The person seeking a PR under this process must be in a legal relationship with the sponsor such as:-

1. Spouse: The spouse may be one with whom you are legally married.

2. Conjugal partner: The conjugal partner is one with whom you are not married but may have lived in a relationship for more than 1 year.

3. Dependent child: Dependent child means the age of your child did not exceed 18 years. They don’t have a spouse.

4. Parents and grandparents: The person who is getting sponsored must undergo a medical test, other than this they need to have a police clearance certificate at the time of application.  

Get Expert Advice for Family class immigration

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