Company Policy

(a) Consultant has taken the responsibility to complete only the application procedure for the client as per governmental rules.

(b) Consultant is not responsible for visa stamping by any means.

(c) Consultant is not abiding to pay any accreditation / visa fee / landing fee / renewal fee, any other

government charges or fee.

(d) No refund in case visa gets refused / cancelled / hold / rejected / no status updated from

Government etc.


a) We take care of everything. We always start the process with the clients by having a detailed discussion and identifying all the appropriate immigration options.

b) After getting all the details. We carefully explain the relevant and current immigration rules, regulations policies, and procedures and make professional recommendations so you can make an informed decision. We also develop personalized strategic immigration plans and can expertly represent you throughout your immigration process.

c) BOI Services is a bunch of Immigration professionals that aid with visa assistance right from the start to till the required visa for the client is possessed. We go hand in hand with our clients and help them in each step of the visa filing. We always work with a motto of delivering quality service and a smile on each page, after all “TRUST IS SUCCESSIVE”

d) For every visa application, the applicant's necessity to give in to accurate and relevant documents in order to save themselves from visa accomplishment rejected. Immigration departments are always harsh on documents that need to be provided in order to get a specific visa stamped. Make visa experts know exactly what sort of documents would be required for a particular visa and files the application according to the specific visa needs.

e) Consultant will not help in procuring any personal / professional / governmental documents, though their will be guidance for the same.

f) Consultant is responsible to educate the client as per her knowledge, for documentation.

g) Client have to submit all the required documents, if failed, consultant does not take any responsibilities of the same.

h) Consultant never encourages feud / photo shopped / false documents, if found, client is only responsible. The consultant will terminate the process without any prior information, as it’s against Indian jurisdiction.

i) Consultant never runs an in-house checking for authenticity for the submitted documents.

j) Consultant accepts all the documents submitted, as per the given documentation checklist & Consultant is responsible to send couriers (international) and provide the tracking id to client.

k) Consultant will only update client by means of emails or phone.


l) No refund • in case documents are not accepted / Freud / multiple submission (if demanded by the government) • leaves the process after getting document checklist.


  1. Consultant will arrange multiple interviews for the designated current profile, after successful visa stamping by governmental authorities only.

(b) Consultant is not responsible for direct placements in any organization by any means.

(c) Consultant has not charged anything (registration fee / amount / etc.) on the name of job placement.

(d) Client is responsible to clear interviews as per norms of the companies.


  • Client cannot switch the application once; the agreement is signed. 

  • (a) Document & process related information will only be given to the client (main applicant).

  • If client wants any family member to indulge in the process & documentation information, the client needs to take permission from the consultant by the means of mail on marking cc to, after which, the information will only be given to the designated family member (spouse / children / parents / blood relative).

  • The consultant will follow up / inform only one person at a time (either the client or designated family member).

  • Client cannot switch between the applications for different processes.

  • Consultant can cancel the application anytime, if client fails to submit all documents on given time. (60 days)

  • If client remains out of contact for about 6 months or more, the process automatically falls for in house suspension, and profile will not be entertained any further. Client has to restart the process if needed.

  • If government officials do not respond back / reply / delay process, consultant cannot take charge as government processes take time usually.

  • Refunds are only possible, if mentioned in the signed agreement. 

For further details, please Reach out to us on 011 - 40365899 or you can e-mail us on One of our representatives will get back to you at the earliest.