Company Policy


(A) BOI SERVICES Expert Consultant will take the responsibility to only conduct the application procedure for the clients as per the governmental guidelines.

(B) BOI SERVICES Immigration Consultant is not responsible for visa stamping in any way.

(C) BOI SERVICES is not complying to pay any accreditation/visa fee/landing fee/renewal fee, or any other.

(D) BOI SERVICES is not responsible for a refund if the visa gets refused/canceled/held/rejected/no status update from the government, etc.


(A) BOI SERVICES will take care of the entire application process. BOI expert consultant initiates the process only after having a detailed discussion and explaining all the possible immigration options if there are any to the clients.

(B) BOI SERVICES experts communicate with the clients after getting all the details, they carefully interpret relevant and current immigration rules, regulations, policies, and procedures and make professional recommendations to its clients, so that clients can make an informed decision. BOI Services can also develop a customized strategic immigration plan for you and provide you with expert representation throughout the immigration process.

(C) BOI SERVICES has a team of immigration experts who assist with visa assistance from the inception of the process to securing the required visa. We go hand in hand with our clients and assist them at each and every stage of visa filing because for us delivering quality services to our clients is always the first priority. 

(D) For every visa application, the applicant must provide accurate and relevant documentation to avoid having their visa application rejected. Clients should know that the immigration department is always strict on documents that must be submitted in order to obtain a specific visa stamped. 

(E) BOI SERVICES will not help in obtaining any personal/professional/government documents, however, we may guide for the same as per the request by the client..

(F) BOI Service Expert consultants are responsible for educating clients to the best of their knowledge for documentation procedures.

(G) If the client falls short to submit the required documents, BOI SERVICES does not take any responsibility for the same.

(H) BOI SERVICES never encourages feud/photoshopped/false/incomplete documents, if found, the client is solely responsible. We will terminate the process without any prior notice, as it is against Indian jurisdiction.

(I) BOI SERVICES never conducts in-house checks for the authenticity of the documents submitted by the clients.

(J) BOI SERVICES will accept all the submitted documents in accordance with the given documentation checklist. We are only liable for sending couriers (international) and providing the client with tracking information.

(K) BOI SERVICES expert consultants will only communicate with clients via email or phone or during in-house meetings. 

(L) No refund • If documents are not accepted / Freud / multiple submission (if demanded by the government)/leaves the process after getting a document checklist/withdraws the application at any stage of the process/denies submitting documents or providing incomplete documents.


(A) BOI SERVICES expert consultants will arrange multiple interviews only after the visa has been stamped by governmental authorities.

(B) BOI SERVICES takes no responsibility for placements in any organization or otherwise by any means.

(C) BOI SERVICES has not charged anything (registration fee/amount/etc) in the name of job placement/visa procurement/job.

(D) Clients will be responsible for carrying out the interview as per the company’s norms if any.

(E) Once the agreement is signed, the client cannot change the application.

(F) BOI SERVICES experts consultants will only be responsible to provide documentation and process-related information to the client (main applicant).

(G) If the client wants any family member to be involved in the process and documentation information, the client needs to obtain permission from the consultant by emailing, and marking CC to  After which the information will be given only to the designated family member (spouse/children/parents/blood relatives) and not to the registered client.

(H) BOI SERVICES specialist consultant will follow/notify only one person (client or designated family member) at a time.

(I) Clients cannot switch between the applications for different processes.

(J) BOI SERVICES can cancel applications if clients fall short to send the required documents within 60 days of agreement.

(K) BOI SERVICES can suspend the Clients who remain out of contact for about one month or longer, and their profiles will not be considered any further. They will have to restart the process if needed.

(L) BOI SERVICES will not be held responsible if government officials do not respond/reply/delay the process because government processes usually take time.

(M) Refund is possible only if mentioned in the signed contract

For further details, please Reach out to us at 011 – 40365899 or you can email us at One of our representatives will get back to you at the earliest.