Duties of the Client

The “CLIENT” shall:

  • Faithfully provide all information requested by the “Consultant” and the processing Visa Office.

  • Forthwith provide all supporting documentation being genuine, truthful, complete and correct, as requested by the “Consultant” and shall provide only such documents which are legal/ valid, genuine and authentic containing truthful and correct information in respect of Education, Qualification/Experience, Age, etc. Any inaccuracy with respect to the above may seriously affect the case, for which “Consultant” will not be responsible by any means. The client would be held responsible for the adverse effect on the case because of non-submission/delayed submission of required documents and other evidence.

  • Faithfully disclose to the “Consultant”, all information relating to any and all of the “CLIENT’S”, current or prior criminal charges and/or convictions;

  • Forthwith advise the “Consultant” of any and all communications received by the “CLIENT” from the processing Visa Office.

  • Attend all interviews, when required by the processing Visa Office & promptly follow all Instructions as communicated by the Processing Visa Office.

  • If client unable to produce the documents within eight weeks which has been asked for the visa application process, then “Consultant” is not responsible for any refund, and the process is terminated without any further notice.

  • In case government demands extra documents or changes any rule as per guidelines, the “Consultant” is not responsible.

  • Attain sufficient knowledge of English Language (IELTS) which is commensurate with an assessment by the Visa Officer that the applicant can speak, read, listen and write fluent in English. In order to prove and convince the Immigration Officer the client must provide the IELTS or equivalent test results [listening, reading, writing and speaking] with a score of minimum 6 bands [all modules, as per then required] which recommends “good user”, The client need to provide the original test result fluency in English.

  • In case of demand of any additional documents by the government, by any means, the client is abiding to resubmit them as per government requirements. “Consultant” is not responsible for multiple document submission and is not responsible for any refund, as the need of resubmitting documents is generated by the government.

  • In general, an applicant will be considered as being proficient in a foreign language if he/she could provide supporting document demonstrating that he/she could meet the language requirement for entry to an undergraduate program of a recognized university with that foreign language as the medium of instruction. Evidence of proficiency in a foreign language includes a written explanation from the applicant detailing his/her training in, and use of the foreign language. Any statements made in his/her written explanation should be properly supported by documents such as an examination result certificate of a language test, or any other document which would satisfy the immigration Department that the applicant is proficient in that foreign language.

  • Backing out of the process before visa stamping, during process, before submitting documents or any other means does not permit any kind of refund and query regarding the same, will not be entertained by any means, but the process will be terminated without any further notice.

  • Demonstrate possession of sufficient liquid funds in a Financial Institution Prior to Visa assurance, in accordance with the requirements of Government’s policy on settlement funds:

  • Forthwith pay the processing fees levied by the processing Visa Office;

  • Forthwith pay the “Consultant’s” fees professional services as mentioned in this Contract of Engagement.

  • That the “CLIENT” is under statutory obligation/duty to provided following document(s) information to the “Consultant”:

  • In case, any of, the following changes occur in his/ her case or any person included in his/her application from the date of submission of application to the Visa Office and till the date of issuance of Visa:     

  • Significant change in health or physical fitness;

  • A criminal charge or conviction;

  • Change in marital status by reason of marriage, divorce, annulment of marriage, death or otherwise;

  • Death of spouse of applicant, dependent or sponsor/assisting relative;

  • Birth of child to applicant or his spouse/ dependent; or

  • Address, Telephone number, Employment and job Responsibilities.

  • Similarly, after collection of Visa from the government and before first entry into the foreign country as per permanent resident, if there is any change in respect of the events referred at above, the “CLIENT” will supply necessary document(s)/information in respect thereof to the “Consultant”.

  • That in a situation arising during the period from the dates of engagement to the submission of the case, If there is any change in the govt. laws or assessment policy of the assessing authority and as result of change in the government  laws or assessment rules, the “CLIENT” becomes ineligible or there is change in his status e.g. from QMAS , meeting the new requirement of English or undertaking IELTS test before assessment etc., then “CLIENT” shall have to meet new criteria or new set of rules as laid down by Immigration department/assessment or any other statutory body for this purpose.

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