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Caregiver Program Canada

Are you searching for a caretaker job in Canada? If you have any prior experience as a caregiver you may be eligible for the PR Visa. If you have experience in this specific field then it will open many options for you to work permanently or temporarily in Canada. BOI services will help you in understanding how to get PR for caregivers not only this, we will also help you in the visa process.

Canada has ushered an immigrant caregiver program in 2019. Caregivers are the ones who take care of your kids or your elders. If you are interested in this Caregiver program Canada, then you should know that you may apply in two categories: “Home child care provider” and a “Home support worker pilot”. Caregivers are often separated by their families, but now there is a chance to get a visa for caregivers in Canada. You can apply for the visa under this program if you meet the eligibility criteria.

Canada welcomed more than 6000 immigrant caregivers last year. So, there is a great chance to get the visa under Caregiver Program. IRCC can issue more caregiver work permits for those who are eligible to get the visa. Caregivers may get the visa when they have a valid job offer in Canada. These are the pathway to being a permanent resident for this specific occupation.

Caregiver program Canada Eligibility requirements

  • You should have at least 1 year of work experience in the house as a “caretaker” for children or as a “support worker”.

  • You must fulfil the basic requirements for the economic immigration program.

  • You have at least 2 years of work experience in this field for a PR visa. 

This pilot caregiver program is free from Labor Market Impact Assessment because the visa issued under this category is restricted for this occupation. You and your family may live as a PR for Home support workers or Caregivers. The Work Visas offered under the Home Support Worker and the Home Child Care Provider program are occupation-specific.

If you will qualify for the immigrant caregiver or home support worker, then you can apply for a study visa or open work visa for your family.

Live-in caregiver program Canada

LCP is for the foreign national who wants to be employed by a Canadian. If you want to be a caretaker for their kids or any disabled person living in their home, you can apply as LCP (Live-in Caregiver Program). 

But now the application for the Live-in-Caregiver program has closed. The processing of previous applicants is continued.

You can apply for the permanent resident if you have at least 2 years of work experience as LCP in Canada.

Temporary work permit Canada

You may get the visa as a temporary work permit. These work permits include:

  • Your work will be restricted for that occupation.

  • They may apply for an extension of their permit as PR in Canada.

  • If you are already in Canada you can apply for an extension of work permit from inside Canada.

  • You can now apply under the new applications invited in 2022. You may apply for two categories as Home Child Care Provider and Home Support Worker. 

Nearly  2750 applications are accepted by the Canadian Government for each category this year. Canadian Government takes right steps towards the betterment of immigrant’s lifestyle & employment of middle class.


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