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Canada is a country known as the paradise for immigrants, every year thousands of overseas skilled workers immigrate to Canadian provinces to get better prospects. Due to Canada’s popularity among immigrants, it becomes challenging to secure a Canada PR through prevalent immigration programs but you do not have to worry. The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot program can be an easy path to getting Canada Permanent Residency.

What is Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program (RNIP)?

The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Canada is a community-driven program. It was designed by the Canadian government to attract overseas skilled workers to immigrate to smaller communities in Canadian provinces. The pilot program seeks to expand the benefits of economic immigration to smaller communities by establishing a pathway to permanent residence for skilled foreign workers who wish to live and work there. 

Why Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP)?

The Canadian government is facing problems to fulfill the requirements of labour in the country, due to a decline in birth rates and early retirements. To meet the labour requirements Canada is issuing Permanent Residency to overseas skilled workers. Every year a huge number of immigrants relocate to Maple leaf country, nearly 70% of immigrants settle in big cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, and Ottawa because of that there is a large gap in rural communities.

Due to the lack of labour force in rural communities, it becomes easy for skilled workers to secure Canada Permanent Residence visa there. Applicants applying for Canada PR RNIP do not face much competition, they can easily get or secure Canadian Permanent Residency. In urban areas, you may earn better but the cost of living in popular cities will also be like skyscrapers. Immigrating through Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Canada is also very easy, you just have to meet some basic Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot requirements.

Aim of the Rural and Northern Immigration pilot (RNIP)

The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP) was launched in June 2019, the main aim of this program was to strengthen smaller rural Communities in Canadian provinces. RNIP Canada targets newcomers to settle in any of the 11 selected communities, making them their forever home. 

What are the communities under RNIP program Canada?

As part of the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Canada, 11 rural and northern RNIP communities have been shortlisted.

Here is the name of all 11 rural and northern RNIP communities:

North Bay, ON
Sudbury, ON
Timmins, ON
Sault Ste. Marie, ON
Thunder Bay, ON
Brandon, MB
Altona/Rhineland, MB
Moose Jaw, SK
Claresholm, AB
Vernon, BC
West Kootenay (Trail, Castlegar, Rossland, Nelson), BC

What are the eligibility requirements of the RNIP program Canada?

Here are some of the basic Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot eligibility requirements that you have to meet to qualify for applying to the RNIP:

  • Must have at least one year of permanent work experience in the past 3 years.
  • Must meet the language abilities requirements as per the NOC of their occupation.
  • Applicants may require to show proof of sufficient funds
  • Applicants have to show intention to reside permanently in the community
  • Meet the community-specified requirements
  • Applicants must meet the educational requirements for the occupation they are applying for.

How to apply for the RNIP Program Canada?

Follow the following steps to apply for Canada Permanent Residents through the RNIP program:

Step 1. Check your eligibility

Step 2. Find a valid job offer from any one of the communities employer

Step 3. After getting a job offer, submit an application for RNIP recommendation

Step 4. Your application will be evaluated by the community

Step 5. If they find you eligible they will recommend you under RNIP Canada

Step 6. Submit PR application to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) 

Step 7. Receive your Canada Permanent Residence status

Step 8. You are ready to immigrate to Canada

What is the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot program (RNIP) processing time?

The average processing time for Canada Permanent Residence visa through Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot program is nearly 12 to 18 months, once you receive a recommendation from one of the Canada communities. Processing time may vary according to the number of visa applications received by IRCC RNIP. 

What is the required fee for RNIP Canada?

The application fee for Permanent Residency Canada through RNIP is CAD $1,365, which consists of both the Rights of Permanent Residence fee of CAD $515 and an application processing fee of CAD $850. Applicants may have to pay CAD $230 per dependent child. 

Funds required to apply for RNIP Canada?

The following table shows the requirement of funds as per the size of the family:

Number of family members (including those you support who aren’t immigrating with you)Funds you need (in Canadian dollars)
7 or more$23,080

What are the popular in-demand rural and northern immigration pilot jobs?

Here are some of the high In-demand jobs under the RNIP Program:

  • Steel manufacturing industry
  • Forestry sector
  • IT professions
  • Aviation and Aerospace
  • Medical professions
  • Education sector and police services
  • Agriculture and Manufacturing
  • Construction industry
  • Food processing
  • Financial services
  • Dental industry
  • Meat processing industry

What are the requirements for the Canada communities to participate in RNIP?

Canada Communities have to fulfill the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot requirements mentioned below to be considered to participate in the pilot:

  • Must have a population of 50,000 or less
  • Must be located in the RNIP provinces of Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, Ontario, and Nunavut.
  • Must have job opportunities for newcomers
  • Communities must have an economic development plan 
  • Must have an economic development organization that can manage the pilot program for the community.
  • Must be able to offer basic services such as education, healthcare, housing, and transportation.
  • Providing mentoring and networking opportunities to newcomers;

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