The Canadian Government aims to invite 1.45 million immigrants between 2023 and 2025.


Canada’s New Immigration Plans:

Canada’s New Immigration Plans:

    Canada aims to invite 1.45 million immigrants between 2023 and 2025.

    Canada aims to invite 1.45 million immigrants between 2023 and 2025.

    Canada’s New Immigration Plans:

    Canada’s New Immigration Plans:

    Country-Specific Targets:

    Country-Specific Targets:

      Canada Permanent Resident Visa

      Canada is all set to open its doors to immigrants from across the globe, offering a plethora of social security benefits, healthcare facilities, high-quality life, and exposing them to an excitingly cosmopolitan society.

      Why Should You Choose Canada ?

      Offering a solid financial system, and good commercial possibilities, coupled with spectacular natural beauty, Canada ranks 3rd in terms of quality of life and standard of living.

      Excellent healthcare facilities

      Social security benefits

      Family sponsorship

      High quality life

      Securing a Canada PR Visa entitles you to several benefits including excellent healthcare, social security, quality life, and top-quality education. As an immigrant seeking a life overseas, you get access to dual citizenship and visa-free travel to 185 countries.

      Top-quality education, social security benefits, excellent healthcare facilities, and quality life in a multi-cultural society are some of the add-ons that a Canada PR visa entitles you to. As an immigrant seeking a life overseas, you get access to dual citizenship and visa-free travel to 185 countries.

      Check your eligibility

      Age range/age criteria (18-45)

      Educational Qualification (Transcripts/degrees)

      Work experience (1 year, full-time)

      Language proficiency (IELTS/PTE score)

      Employment offer (+ 10 points)

      Adaptability skills (Spouse/Common-law Partner)

      6 Simple Steps to Your Canada PR!

      Despite its seeming complexity, our team makes the Canada PR visa process a hassle-free, simplified, and quick process in 6 simple steps. Here’s how:

      Provincial Nominee Program 

      There are a total of ten provinces and three territories that follow Provincial Nominee Programs in Canada. Each region is able to nominate candidates who want to relocate there through the Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP). Here is a list of provinces:

      Express Entry

      The Express Entry Canada Program is highly competitive as it utilizes a Comprehensive Ranking System to select candidates for permanent residency in Canada under these programs:

      Documents Required For Canada PR

      All you need to get it started!

      The documents checklist tells you the important documents that you need to provide while applying for your Canada PR.

      When applying for your Canada PR Visa, you must ensure to carry your resume, language test results, ECA, birth certificate, passport, etc, which make up the mandatory/essential list of supporting documents.

      Why Consider Basics of Immigration?

      Just like the basics of anything act as “building blocks” forming a strong foundation for constructing complex structures. The Basics of Immigration serve as the foundational elements of moving abroad, for any aspiring immigrant.

      Step-by-step Guidance | Transparent | Licensed experts | Secure | end-to-end solutions| 0 % rejection rate

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      In a time when finding good listeners has become a task, I was surprised at how the team made me feel genuinely heard and understood. Their apt reception and personal guidance solved all my problems, which expedited my entire visa application process. (

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      I am truly indebted to the benefits that I was exposed to, after consulting BOI Services for my Canada PR Visa application. Their IELTS coaching services clubbed together with visa assistance surpassed my expectations, as I not only achieved a high band score but also accomplished my dream of becoming a Canadian citizen.

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      My file had been stuck in the pool as my CRS was not met. Out of sheer helplessness, I approached BOI Services , following the recommendation of a common friend. Their experienced team helped me with a positive LMIA, following my improved CRS scores as a result of their impactful guidance.

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      The boiservices team was incredible! They guided me through the Canada PR application process with expertise and professionalism. Their attention to detail ensured all documents were perfect. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for immigration support.

      Frequently Asked Questions:

      1. How should I start my visa process, through IRCC or CIC?

      (both give you limited benefits and so a Canadian lawyer is needed)

      2. How much would it cost me to apply for Canada PR?

      While applying for a Canada PR visa, you would inevitably become part of a lot of inherent costs, including the cost for ECA, medical tests, police clearance certificate, biometric fees, and the cost of consulting an immigration consultancy. Therefore, the combined cost would come down to approximately $13,757.

      3. What is the cost of living in Canada?

      The cost of living in Canada completely depends on your choice of lifestyle, and therefore, individual preferences and requirements. However, generally speaking, the approximate cost narrows down to 3,622.1$ (4,787.1C$) for a family of four, without rent. Estimated monthly costs for a single person come down to 1,013.2$ (1,339.1C$) without rent.

      4. How much IELTS score do I need to apply for Canada PR?

      As an applicant, you must score a minimum of IELTS band score 6 as it is the minimum requirement for a skilled worker, for securing Canada PR.

      5. What is the application processing fee for Canada PR?

      The application cost is presently fixed at $550 CAD for each applicant and each family member of the principal applicant who is 22 years of age or older applying under the skilled worker program. Each family member, under the age of 22, must pay a charge of $150.

      6. Do I need to travel to Canada as a part of the immigration process?

      It is not a must to travel to Canada as a part of your immigration process. However, it is advisable in most cases to visit the country once, so as to acquaint oneself with the place and surroundings.

      7. What is the interview process for Canada PR?

      An interview would be held to make sure the information in the submitted documentation is accurate, to questions about your background, to confirm you have the financial means to settle in Canada, check for security inadmissibilities, to make sure they intend to enter the Canadian labor market, and to check whether there are enough reasons to exercise positive discretion. It is recommended that applicants bring all original supporting papers, certificates of non-criminal convictions, and proof of settlement payments to the interview.

      8. Should I reside in Canada to maintain my PR status?

      According to current law, a person's status as a permanent resident is maintained if they physically dwell in Canada for at least 730 days (2 years) during any 5-year period or if additional conditions are satisfied.

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