Know about Canada LMIA process

LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) is a necessary document for every employer in Canada who wants to hire a foreign worker, without getting LMIA any employer in Canada can not hire any overseas worker.

What is Canada LMIA?

LMIA is a document that shows an employer needs a foreign worker to fill the vacancy in his/her firm or organization. This document also shows that no Canadian permanent resident possesses that skill set which is required to do the job.

Canada LMIA process

Canada LMIA process can be a little bit complicated for an employer who wants a LMIA, they firstly have to advertise about the job position for which they want an employee. The advertisement needs to be for at least four weeks, other than this they also need to take interviews of all those candidates who are a permanent resident of Canada and willing to work on that job position.

The employers have to show that in interviewees they did not find the right candidate for the job, only after that they may get permission to hire a foreign worker for the job.

The foreign worker who is getting hired under LMIA, firstly they need to apply for a Canadian work permit hold up with LMIA, before they actually join their job. You should know that LMIA applications are very detailed and it requires plenty of documentation.

Canada LMIA process time

In 2021 Canada received a large number of LMIA applications, which caused a delay in the processing time of applications. It’s quite difficult to predict Canada LMIA process time, sometimes it can take couple of weeks to get processed but sometimes it takes months to get processed.

In-demand LMIA jobs in Canada

Here are some top in-demand LMIA jobs in Canada, which pays you a great sum of money:

Software Engineers

If you are a software engineer and want to migrate, then Canada is the best choice for you under LMIA. You can earn in between $75,596 to $102,000 average salary. You should know your earnings will depend on the size of the organization, location of the organization, your qualification, and work experience.

Construction Manager

In Canada there are so many job opportunities in the field of construction, every provinces have a lot of job vacancies in this field. You can easily secure a construction manager\’s job in Canada, you just need to meet some qualifications under LMIA. In Canada, a construction manager can earn nearly $92,240 – $142,000 annually.

Web Designers

We all know in today\’s time digital platforms are increasing rapidly because of that web designing is quite demanding job profile. Web designers can easily secure jobs in Canada. In the next few years digital world will be boom, at that time web designers will get more opportunities to enhance their skills and their income. In Canada, a web designer can easily make $80,126 – $94,322 per annum.

Civil Engineer

Civil engineering is one of the most demanding profession in Canada. In Canada a civil engineer can easily earn great pay, other than this he/she can have better work benefits. Through this job, you can live a high-quality life which includes every facility that you always wanted. You can even get a permanent residency in Canada. You should know that in 2021 Civil engineering is of the highest paid jobs in Canada, with an average salary of $66,843 – $102,000 per annum.


If you are in a caregiver profession then getting a work permit will be very easy with Canada LMIA process because the Canadian government is offering work visas to caretakers with some basic eligibilities. Canada’s aging population and day by day declining birth rates demand more and more caregivers. In Canada, a caregiver can earn nearly $31,955 – $58,000 per annum. Caregivers can apply for permanent residency in Canada after just 2 years of work in Canada.

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