Canada spouse visa

What is Canada spouse visa? | Is IELTS required for Canada spouse visa?

If you are a permanent resident or work permit holder in Canada and you want to take your spouse with you to Canada. In that situation, you should know that the government of Canada permits its eligible residents who are 18+ to sponsor their spouse, children, and parents to come to Canada and live with them.

Canada Spouse visa is a way to bring your spouse to Canada, the spouse sponsorship program allows the permanent resident or work permit holder to sponsor their spouse or common-law partner as a permanent resident of Canada. This visa program allows the person who receives sponsorship from his/her partner, to settle permanently in Canada with his/her partner.

Canada Spouse Visa requirements

Here are some basic eligibility criteria that need to be fulfilled for the Canada spouse sponsorship program:

  • Sponsor should be above 18 only then he/she will be eligible to sponsor
  • The sponsor should be a permanent resident or work permit holder in Canada
  • Must have a clean police record and he/she should not have been charged with any serious crime
  • They must not have come to Canada as sponsored spouses in the last 5 years

Documents required for Canada spouse visa

  1. Relationship information and sponsorship evaluation
  2. Marriage Certificate
  3. Wedding invitations and photos
  4. Birth certificate or adoption records of children
  5. Proof of registration of a marriage with a government authority.

Any two documents from the following are also needed:

  • Proof that you and your spouse own a property together.
  • Shared bank accounts
  • Utility bills with both of your names.
  • Car insurance
  • Copies of government-issued IDs.
  • Pay tax forms that show that you live at the same address.

How much time it takes for Canada spouse visa?

Canada spouse visa process can take just about 12 months from start to end. The spouse sponsorship program takes quite a lot of time, it does not process faster as we want it to be. Sometimes it even takes more than one year to get processed which is quite frustrating. If your application has some issue or the visa officer asks you for any other document in that situation your application process will be delayed and it will take some extra time to get processed.

If you want that your sponsorship application gets processed faster then make sure you do not make any mistake while submitting your application and documents. Submit complete documents at the first time otherwise, you will have remorse. Documentation process can astray you so it will be better to take advice from legal professionals in Canada they can guide you throughout the process, they can help you with documentation.

Is IELTS required for Canada spouse visa?

Anyone who is migrating to Canada needs to go through the IELTS test if they clear the test only then they are allowed to migrate. IELTS is compulsory in most of the immigration processes of Canada but for the Canadian spouse sponsorship program, IELTS is not compulsory.

Suppose if you want to include your spouse under Canadian permanent residency via Express Entry then the IELTS test score of your spouse can add some extra points to your CRS score.

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