What Are The Major Problems Faced By Indians Moving Abroad? How Can You Avoid It!

There is no new phenomenon when it comes to Indians moving abroad and actively seeking opportunities in other countries. The lucrative jobs, excellent education, healthcare benefits, etc offered in foreign countries are the significant factors that are driving most of the Indians abroad. Yet, they suffer the most during the immigration procedure, because of their lack of awareness. Curious to know HOW?

Problems Indians encounter during immigration

As it stands, hundreds of thousands of candidates are waiting or planning to leave India. While many moving to abroad Indians are mainly doctors, nurses, engineers, cooks, medical workers, chefs, teachers, architecture, helpers, carpenters, etc there are also a substantial population in India who is completely illiterate and uneducated, making them not only unqualified for the majority of jobs but also lacking in fundamental knowledge and life skills. And most of the Indian population falls into the second category, making it impossible for them to immigrate in any case.

Nonetheless, there are many professional consultants also available who are certified and have credentials related to immigration law. People who desire to immigrate can consult with them after cross checking their certificates and make sure they are actual experts because immigration consultancies can really help any individual with the right process and long documentations.

In spite of this, there are still some Indian immigration problems during an individual\’s settle abroad process. These include:

  • Acceptance of documents: As we have already discussed about the process of immigration and how Indians plan their migration abroad. Additionally, we read about the number of documents that must be submitted for a visa application, and this is where the problem arises. The majority of Indians find it difficult to obtain their qualifications and certifications correctly, and once they make a mistake, they have to go through the entire procedure again, which not only delays their visa but also costs them time, money, and resources. Acceptance of document issues in immigration is common for indians in which they normally seek help from legal and certified professionals 
  • Language issues: English is the most spoken language in the world where almost countries have some percent of the English speaking population. but for many Indians, English is not their first language. That makes it difficult for them to deal with language proficiency tests such as ECA and to get IELTS score maximum during the visa process. Immigration process make sure that the applicant is capable of speaking common language of country and mostly Indians seem to suffer in this part
  • Lengthy immigration process: Typically, it takes 6–12 months for a visa to be approved. During this time, applicants can decide their other migration aspects, but most Indians are impatient. While some people lose interest in immigration completely and withdraw their application, many others wait for their approval yet continue to be caught up in the delayed process. Some certified immigration consultants do have power to make immigration fast and smooth but Indians don\’t trust easily as they see them as money-thieves.
  • Lack of awareness: knowledge and research is important while immigrating to another country. Indian\’s lack of awareness leads them to be clueless about rent of houses, electricity bills etc. also the factors such as discrimination, involvement in mediators and corruption factors are what downfall indians. 
  • Academic expectations: They face difficulty securing jobs despite qualification assessments,  face challenges in finding the right accommodation for their place and they often can\’t get satisfied with their result because of high expectations. The disappointment and culture shock often leave Indians demotivated toward countries and return to their homeland.
  • Culture difference: Indian migrants moving to countries like Canada, the US, or the UK hope for a brighter future and safer place for their families where they are accepted but struggle after their settle abroad only to find so many culture differences, economy, and educational spheres. Many Indians don\’t sit well with the environment since Asian and western cultures have differences when it comes to people, food, places, etc.

How Indian problems are unique than rest of the world

Being a foreigner in another country is never easy, and the situation will worsen simultaneously as an international immigrant. Thousands of students and workers travel to the foreign countries every year seeking higher education and better opportunities face various immigration challenges. Each of them has stories of their life experiences and fights. Western countries are popular among Indians moving abroad but they also come as western countries where the culture, environment is anything but asian. 

Did you know? Even the way Indians behave or shake hands with others in other countries, people will hold your hand firmly when they shake hands. If they notice a meek handshake, they might assume that you are an under confident person.

Visa application precautions for Indian migrants

Finally, you have everything planned out—the destination, the way to get there, the hotel, the activities—and are just waiting for the visa\’s acceptance. Imagine the horror of having your visa application denied. All that effort and hopes of living the high life were all in vain. All as a result of some details you missed when applying for the visa. These are five things to consider before applying for a visa to prevent this from being your story.

  • Visa application form:  Make sure you complete your visa application with all the necessary information and in the appropriate format. Being precise is crucial. It is crucial to enter the proper name, passport number, and birthdate as they appear on your passport. Be consistent in how you present your identification or official documents. Incorrect information will be printed on your visa.
  • Interview preparation: If you are applying for a visa that includes an interview (especially one for a study or student visa), make sure you know how to do interview preparation. Many candidates make dumb mistakes during the interview, which could result in their Visa application being denied. Read our study visa interview guide to avoid making such mistakes. 
  • Checklist: A checklist acts as an effective tool when putting together a fool-proof application. One of the most common mistakes that applicants make is not referring to the checklist, or referring to a standardized checklist for visa applications, thus missing out on attaching essential documents during submission. It is important to remember that different countries have different visa required documents
  • Bank Statement Attestation: Many countries demand that applicants submit their fully attested bank statements. While it is usual to present bank statements and the majority of passengers are aware of this procedure, it is also a common mistake to forget to have these bank statements authenticated. 

Matching information: Although it may seem obvious, most people have a tendency to write things that don\’t match the information on their official documents or other forms of the visa application process. If you write the person\’s first and last names differently than how they are listed on official documents, your visa will be granted with the wrong information.

The foreign countries only want educated and skilled workers in their countries that is why the immigration process is so lengthy and tough but as have mentioned above,  many immigration consultants and lawyers have a good right to help inexperienced people and prevent them from being spied on. It\’s crucial to establish relationships with immigration consulting firms that can provide the necessary certificates to attest to their competency. Nevertheless, are immigration consultancies really there to help us? 

Indian immigrants face numerous issues during the visa application process, which led to the creation of immigration consultancies. There is no doubt that immigration consultants offer many benefits, but why should one seek their assistance? Are certified consultants worthwhile to hire? In our next blog, let\’s finally delve deeper into these questions.

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