Weather of Canada

Weather conditions of Canada throughout the Year

Canada which is one of the most beautiful landing-place, throughout the year you can see the beauty of nature with modern art. Canada is a broad or vast country, the weather of Canada is very different in the east and in the west. It’s like Canada modifies with every changing season, the climate of Canada year-round changes a lot. If you want to travel to Canada for tourism purpose then you should visit Canada from September to November, it’s tourism time in Canada.

In the winter season, Canada becomes quite colder and in some parts of the country, you can see snowfalls which is beautiful and mesmerizing. In spring months temperature increases days become warmer, which makes the country alive again and nature spreads its colors in the environment. Summer season comes with light and waves of warmth and at the end, autumn rings the bell to inform that winter is coming. Autumn is the best season where you enjoy the perfect weather for the fireside and hot cocoa.

Climate of Canada Year Round

Winter Climate in Canada

In Canada, winter arrives most probably in the last week of December and lasts until mid of March. In the winter season, every corner of the country is get covered with cold and freezing wind. Winter is freezing but it can be joyful and entertaining, you can see or play many winter games like skating and skiing, you can also become part of many winter festivals like the Santa Claus Parade in Toronto and Quebec, the Winterlude Festival in Ottawa. All these festivals are full of joy and entertainment. In winter you can see the northern lights which is a beautiful natural phenomenon. If you are traveling to Canada then you need to know that the coldest month in Canada is January, so if you are traveling at that time carry more than enough winter clothes because it gets freezing in winter.

Spring Weather in Canada

Spring arrives in Canada at the end of March and it ends in June, it’s the best time for visiting Canada because at this time of year the weather is perfect for sightseeing. In spring the mountains get snowed off and you can visit there and mountains, valleys, lakes, and glaciers. You can connect yourself with beautiful nature, it’s very refreshing. In the spring season, you can also become a part of different festivals like the Cherry Blossom Festival in Vancouver, the Annapolis Apple Blossom Festival in Nova Scotia , and the Tulip Festival in Ottawa.

Summer Weather in Canada

Summer which is the peak season in Canada, July, August, and September are best for those people who love nature over city life. In summer you can travel almost in every corner of Canada without any adversity and can enjoy the actual beauty of Canada. In summer you can go on hiking trail, you can visit forests, national parks, beaches, and lakesides. Other than this you can be part of the Jazz festival in Quebec, in this festival you can hear the world’s best jazz music and musicians. You don’t have to hide behind tons of clothes because it’s the warmest time in Canada.

Autumn Season in Canada

In Canada, Autumn arrives most probably in September and lasts until December, this period of time is without any doubt a glorious sight view. It does not matter where you are whether you are walking on local streets and looking at historic sites and buildings or you are in forests exploring forest life. The view and different colors of nature will surely mesmerize you. You can enjoy every tourist spot without any rush and there will be fewer crowds to disturb you like in summer. In Autumn you can enjoy different festivals and events which will surely entertain you and show you the beauty of Canada. You can visit Kitchener/Waterloo Oktoberfest, the Celtics Colours International Festival in Nova Scotia, Tremblant Symphony of Colours in Quebec, and Niagara Grape & Wine Festival in St. Catherine’s.

FAQs on Weather conditions of Canada

How many months is cold in Canada?

The coldest months in Canada are December to March

Which provinces in Canada has best weather?

British Columbia in Canada has the best weather, Victoria the capital of British Columbia is the warmest city in Canada. The glorious mild winter in British Columbia makes it pleasant to enjoy the stroll outside year-round, in the winter season when most provinces of Canada are covered in snow at that time British Columbia you can enjoy the walk in the park.

Which part of Canada is coldest?

The coldest parts of Canada are Eureka, Nunavut. The average temperature in these parts of Canada is −19.7 °C or −3 °F for the year. The coldest temperature ever recorded in Canada was – 63.0 °C or −81 °F in Snag Yukon.

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