UK or Canada which is better for living?

United Kingdom and Canada are the world’s two most powerful and developed countries, selecting any one of them is quite difficult. If you want to migrate to any one of them but you are confused about which country will be better for you, then don’t be astray in your thoughts. In this article, we will tell you in detail about which country is better for living or migration.

Here are some points which will help you to decide which country is better for your migration:

Cost of living

According to a report cost of living in Canada is nearly 8.7% less in comparison to the United Kingdom. In Canada, you can live a quality life without going out of your budget. In Britain, it\’s quite difficult to manage a high standard of living because it will surely affect your savings. There are many services in Canada which help you to cut the expenses of yours but in Britain, every basic service affects your pocket. For example – In canada permanent residents get free healthcare services but in Britain, without proper health insurance, you can not go to the hospital because it will cost you a fortune.

Job market

When it comes to the job market then both countries are quite similar to each other but getting job in Canada is way easier in comparison to Britain. Canada have easy immigration policies which allow you to immigration to Canada on work permit, with work permit you can easily get a job in Canada but when it comes to Britain it’s quite difficult to get a work visa. Other than this the monthly average salary in Canada is higher than the UK. In Canada, the monthly average salary is nearly $3,217.43 (£1,864.10), on the other side in UK the monthly average salary is about $3,109.14 (£1,801.36.). Canada have a low cost of living so you firstly earn more then you spend less, which provides you luxury to save some extra money.

Healthcare Systems

If you are a permanent resident of Canada then you are eligible for Canada’s medicare, which is universal health care system. Every Canadian citizen is provided health services through universal public health insurance. Britain also have public healthcare services but it’s not up to the mark in comparison to other countries and in Britain, the increasing cost of private healthcare makes it compulsory to have decent health insurance. In Canada, there are different types of health organizations like public, semi-private and private, you can choose hospitals according to your need. If you have decent health insurance in that situation for better service you can go to private hospitals for treatment.

The education systems

The school system in both countries are similar, both country\’s government provides free education to children who are under the age of 18. In both, countries primary and secondary education is totally free but there are some fees criteria for higher education. Tuition fees in both countries are very low when we compare it with the USA. Canadian and British government provides different types of scholarship to students for higher studies, these scholarship reduces the expense of university education.

Which is better, the Canadian PR or the UK PR?

  • Once you migrate to Canada as an immigrant, you can easily enroll yourself for Canada PR. On the other side when you migrate to the UK, they give you an immigrant visa you don’t get PR of the UK.
  • Canada provides easy options to become a citizen, just after you complete your duration of 3 years living in Canada you can apply for citizenship of Canada with a lower amount of taxes as compared to Britain. For getting UK citizenship you have to spend at least 6 years there, after that you become eligible for citizenship. You have to pay a large amount of taxes when you processed your application for citizenship.
  • The lifestyle in Canada is way more enjoyable in comparison to UK. Canada have an open society that welcomes and accepts immigrants, who came from different parts of the world. The crime rate of Canada is quite low, Canada is one of the safest country in the world. In Canada, you don’t have extra workload because working hours in Canada are quite low in comparison to any other country.

Canada PR is way better if we compare it with Britain PR. With PR in Canada you get many facilities which lack in the UK. So, if you are penchant for working abroad go to Canada rather going to the UK because in Canada you will get better work opportunities and lifestyle.

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