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Types of visa programs for Canada PR

Canada is one of the most popular countries for all individuals who are looking for better career and study opportunities. With every passing year, Canada is increasing its yearly immigrant intake which makes it the most desirable country to immigrate. Every year nearly 2,00,000 people are welcomed in Canada as permanent residents. Every year thousands of Indian people apply for a Canada PR visa from India and their Permanent residence visa of Canada, so if you are thinking you can not get a Canada PR visa it’s totally wrong because you can get a Canada visa from India or any other country.

If we talk about career opportunities in Canada, once your application process for a Canada PR visa gets completed then you will have every opportunity to build your career in Canada as you want. You can start an innovative life there, you can do your dream job with better pay, you can have a better and healthy lifestyle. As a permanent resident of Canada, you will get similar rights and services as all Canadian citizens. In this blog, we will discuss different types of Canada permanent residence and where Candidates can apply.

There are five types under this Canada permanent residence where the candidates can apply:

  • Skilled Worker Class Immigration
  • Provincial Nomination
  • Family Class Immigration
  • International Adoption
  • Quebec-Selected Immigration

Skilled Worker Class Immigration

Under the skilled worker class immigration, the applicants can easily apply to become permanent residents of Canada. For becoming a permanent resident in Canada you need to meet certain eligibility requirements. The applicants should have good command over language, work experience, educational qualification, arranged employment, adaptability, and age. If the candidate meets all these requirements then he/she can become a permanent resident of Canada.

Provincial Nomination

Provincial Nomination process allows a territory to designate individuals they wish to include in their selection for immigration and settlement if they have a specific province in mind that they wish to immigrate and settle in.

Under this process, the applicant needs to get in touch with the agent’s immigration office in the province where they want to immigrate and apply for nomination to that province or territory. Once the nomination process gets accomplished, then the applicant has to apply to the citizenship and immigration Canada.

Family Class Immigration

If you are applying for Permanent residents visa and your any family member is already in Canada as a permanent resident, they can help you to get the permanent residency in Canada. You will be excited to know that nearly 40% of all immigrants who get PR visas are sponsored by their own family or relatives.

International Adoption

Permanent residents or citizens of Canada have permission to adopt children from any overseas country. If any Canadian PR or citizen wants to adopt any child from an overseas country then they have to show that they are capable of sponsoring a child and they needed to be committed to raising the child and providing them opportunities to pursue their interest.

Quebec-Selected Immigration

The province of Quebec has an agreement with the Federal Government of Canada, they can scrutinize immigrants and select only those immigrants who are the best fit for the immigration requirements. There are many different assessment processes for any immigrant who is planning to settle in the province, which comprises the following types:

  1. Businesspeople
  2. Sponsored refugees
  3. Permanent workers
  4. Temporary workers – permanent immigration
  5. Students – permanent immigration
  6. Families

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