SOP for Canada student visa – Detailed Description

Studying in Canada is a big ambition for students from all over the world, but getting admission in Canadian universities is a tough job. For getting admission to any Canadian university you have to fulfill certain requirements otherwise you will not get Canada Study Visa. If you want to go to Canada for your higher studies then you have to prepare an exemplary SOP for Canada student visa.

Preparing an impeccable SOP for Canada student visa is like a precondition, without this getting a student visa is quite difficult. Almost every major university in Canada demands statement of purpose to authorize students to study in Canada. Writing a faultless statement of purpose for Canada is not an easy task which anyone can do without adversity. In this blog, we will discuss the format of SOP which can be helpful to you in writing a SOP for a Canada study visa.

What is an SOP?

Statement of purpose for Canada is an extended letter that shows the student’s intention to study in any certain country like Canada. Statement of purpose includes a detailed description of student’s interest area, his/her background, and notable achievements.

Why SOP is important?

Canada is a home of many reputed and world’s top universities, for better chances to secure admission in any university you need to make a SOP for Canada study visa, without SOP your journey to get admission to Canadian university will be arduous.

If you make SOP for Canada study visa there is a possibility that you can get a great scholarship to study in Canada. Statement of purpose is the best way to present your aspirations, skills, best qualities, and career possibilities to the admissions committee. Through SOP admissions committee can know about you and your aim.

SOP format for Canada student visa

While making SOP, you have to follow a basic structure or format which we mentioned below, you have to write all these details:


When you start writing SOP give your best and write an enticeful opening statement. Your opening statement can be a quote from any famous and reputed person who belongs to your field of interest, your statement should show your aim which you want to achieve in future. Try not to write a lengthy statement be precise and concise, make it crispy, and engaging.

Academic background

While writing SOP doesn’t forget to mention your qualification and academic scores from matriculation to your undergraduate degree. In a separate column write all your notable achievements. Try to keep your background explanatory and informative, if you had any gap in your education does not forget to mention the reason behind that.

Work experience (if any)

If you ever did any internship or certification courses, then mention it in your SOP. Add a paragraph and write your experience and what you learned from that internship or course. Mention how that internship or course helped you to decide the degree course which you want to pursue in Canada.

Why are you interested in the course?

Give a brief description of why you are penchant in the course, write the objective of the course and what you will learn or gain from that course. Don’t feel reluctant in writing technical aspects of your course and your interest in the field.

Career goals

Mention both your short and long-term goals, what you want to achieve, how you will accomplish your aim. Mention about your aspiration to join that field which you are pursuing or want to pursue. Talk about the sector in which you want to go and the prospect of your career path.


Mention your inquisitiveness for selecting a specific university or why you selected a specific university write about that. Talk about your desire/dream to study in a university in Canada, mention how Canada can give you better opportunities to build your career.

Extra curricular activities

If you also have an interest in other activities like playing cricket, playing guitar, and dance this is where you mention it. Mention your hobbies like reading books or writing stories or collecting stamps or anything which you like to do in your free time.

Closing paragraph

Show your gratitude to the head of the admission committee for providing you the opportunity to pursue your studies in your dream university in Canada. Promise them that you will not waste your chance to study in Canada, you will achieve your goals, will make a new mark in university, and at the end show that they will not have remorse for accepting you.

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