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Canada PR Rejection Reasons

In Canada permanent residency status provides great opportunities to all those migrants who immigrated to Canada in search of better career and study opportunities. As a permanent resident in Canada you will get many benefits just like citizens of Canada, those migrants who immigrate to Canada but don’t have PR their life in Canada is a little bit tougher than PR visa holders.

Every year thousands of candidates submit their applications to get permanent residency status in Canada but not all candidates get selected for PR in Canada. Their applications for Canadian PR refused because of multiple reasons, there are many reasons which are entirely avertable but then also people make those mistakes and get rejected. Due to Canada PR application rejected applicants get disappointed, to save you from such disappointments we will discuss some top Canada PR rejection reasons in this blog. It will help you to rectify your mistakes which can cause rejection.

Reasons for Canada PR Application Rejection

Here we will discuss top reasons behind Canadian PR application rejection:

Cases of Misrepresentation

If you want to become a permanent resident of Canada and get several benefits offered by the Canadian government, then you should provide complete and accurate information to IRCC while applying for Canadian PR. When you fill out the form to immigrate to Canada make sure that no misrepresentation or fake document gets attached to your application if you submitted any fake documents no matter intentionally or unintentionally there is a strong probability that your Canada PR application rejected by IRCC. so when you fill your application form be very careful and to avert cases of misrepresentation check your form twice before submitting it.

Instances of Misrepresentation can be:

  • Failure to mention about members of your family
  • If you created a fake job experience it can also be the reason for rejection
  • Failure to disclose a visa refusal for a different country
  • Presenting false or fake documents
  • Providing compatible and correct information on various forms but forget to write correct information in one form
  • Engage in a marriage (non-genuine)
  • By intentionally or unintentionally Changing the date of birth on your application

Medical Records

All candidates who are applying for permanent residency in Canada are required to take a medical examination with a doctor who is authorized by the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada). Your Canadian PR refused if you have a certain health problem that can create excessive demand on the healthcare system of Canada. You will be eligible for Canadian PR if you pass the medical test or examination.

According to CIC, you will not be eligible for Canadian PR if you are medically inadmissible because of:

  • If any candidate’s entry results in the excessive demand on the Canadian social services or health care system which are provided by the government of Canada.
  • If a candidate has any disease that can actually affect the public’s overall health. For example, any candidate who is suffering from any infectious disease like active tuberculosis or syphilis, there is a very high probability that he can affect the public of Canada.

Criminal Background

If you want to immigrate to Canada then you have to go through a criminal background check, it’s a mandatory part of the immigration process. Canada scrutinizes those applicants who have any type of criminal record, the reason behind scrutinizing applicants is the Canadian government just want to ensure that immigrants who are coming from different parts of the world and settling in communities of Canada do not have any type of criminal record that could risk the safety of common and simple people who are living in Canada peacefully. If you don’t have any criminal record then you don’t have to worry but if you have any criminal case then it will be difficult to get Canadian permanent residency.

Violations that will make you ineligible for Permanent Residency of Canada:

  • If you had any criminal case regarding possession of marijuana, cocaine, and other drugs
  • Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI)
  • Any type of Assault case
  • Theft
  • DUI (Driving Under the Influence)
  • Drunk and Disorderly conduct
  • Impede of Justice

Missing Deadlines

Immigrating to any country is a time-consuming process, every country imposes deadlines just to increase the speed of immigration process. Canadian immigration process involves so many verifications and checks that consume so much time, so to speed up Canadian immigration process IRCC also imposes certain deadlines on different steps of the process like submission date of various forms and documents. Due to any reason if you missed deadlines it can cause Canada PR rejection of your application, so you should respect the deadlines imposed by IRCC. Complete your documents on time, submit your application before the deadline, keep yourself prepared and organized throughout the immigration process because it will take a while to get Canadian PR.

Financial Insufficiency

For Canadian permanent residency, all applicants need to show proof of financial stability, they have to present their bank statement or bank certificate like their FD in the bank to prove funds. It’s a mandatory part of the PR visa application process, the reason behind these documents is just to make sure that candidate is financially independent & stable and can support himself in Canada without the help of Canadian government. If candidate is unable to show financial sufficiency to authorities then his/her PR application may get rejected.

Eligibility Requirements

We all know very well that Canada offers more than 60 immigration programs and every single program has a different set of eligibility requirements and processes for candidates. So if you want to immigrate to Canada then firstly imbibe all programs offered by the Canadian government, applying for a visa under any random program will surely create problems for you. You need to check the eligibility requirements of different programs before applying, if you meet all the requirements of a program only then apply for a visa under that program. If you applied for Canada PR and you do not meet all requirements then it can be a Canada PR rejection reason.

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