Plan on moving abroad? Check out this Ultimate Moving Abroad Checklist!

We\’ve already talked about how Indians choose to emigrate and how they approach finding the suitable destination. Although the process is somewhat difficult, planning beforehand is usually helpful. Individuals frequently use a moving abroad checklist because they worry about forgetting essential or necessary things, but is this really necessary? How exactly a checklist can help and what includes in it, and why is it necessary for applicants moving abroad? In this blog we will see why you should always have a checklist before you plan to settle abroad.

There are many expats who are bound to experience stress and homesickness from time to time. The good thing is a moving abroad checklist works as a way to prepare applicants’ minds for an overseas migration which could also help them with expats\’ struggle and adjust them to settle abroad from India faster. As an Indian expat relocating to a foreign country, they must go through the following moving abroad checklist to prepare for what lies ahead.

Essential checklist you need to move abroad

Although exciting, moving to another country for work or education requires thorough planning. it can soon become a stressful nightmare when you get confused about what are the documents required for going abroad or what is the visa application process;  but All it takes is some research and prior preparation to get a job done easily. You must consider the cost of living, make prior accommodation arrangements, learn about the local culture, etc. This way, you can adapt to your new life with minimal stress. 

Here’s a designed checklist to make it easier for any applicants to keep track of everything they should think about before relocating overseas.

Research rules and regulation of the country

Every country has different rules and laws, so it\’s crucial to complete your research about the difference between your current country and the one you will be moving to. The tax laws of your new home will be different. To properly organize your money, it is important to educate yourself on the various tax rules. Other relevant research areas could be in the transport sector, taxes, utilities, etc. Learning about these logistics in advance will make it easier for you while adjusting to a completely new way of life.

Research about Culture and lifestyle and retirement plan if you are relocating for retirement, check the environment and what kind of culture and ritual they follow and their festivals.

Eligibility criteria of country

Every provision has its own rules and regulations, just like every country has its own demand while inviting immigrants. Some of the countries want younger, skilled workers and some countries want older and experienced workers. So the eligibility criteria is set for those who plan to migrate. Now if you want to immigrate to a particular company, you might wanna check whether you are eligible to apply for a visa or not. 

Documents collection for work permits and visas

Each country has its own requirements and processing time when it comes to immigration process. All types of visa too have their own requirement so make sure you have all the relevant applications submitted well before submitting the application. 

Some of the most common documents include your:

  1. Passport and copy
  2. Passport photo
  3. Visa application form
  4. Birth certificate, marriage certificate, civil partnership agreement, or adoption certificate
  5. Proof of university enrollment, work contract/permit, or any similar document
  6. Proof of income, if applicable
  7. Private travel and health insurance
  8. A declaration or certificate to prove no criminal records
  9. Medical certificate as proof of good health and medical records, reducing immunizations
  10. Proof of qualifications (if applying for a job)

The documentation to apply for visa permits should be considered very important , however, despite the concept of it can be really tiring, you can always seek help from immigration consultancies who provide services for immigration and to those who desire to move abroad.

Calculate your finance/ start saving

One of the first things to consider before relocating abroad is how the cost of living there compares to where you are now. You\’ll need to calculate how you\’re going to sustain yourself. Although it may seem difficult, doing your research will help you greatly:

  • Costs of living abroad: Look up the typical rent, mortgage, and utility prices. Make a note of your results and compare them to the prices you currently pay. You\’ll be able to see how your outgoings will alter as a result. 
  • Work market: If you foresee a job in abroad, research the local job markets to make sure you aren\’t relocating to a location where it will be challenging for you to obtain employment as an expat. Check out if the community is receptive to foreign workers, if there are industries that appreciate your language or the most spoken language: English
  • Pensions: If you intend to retire overseas, it\’s crucial to get your finances in order to live comfortably. The key to this is being able to access your pension easily.

Your finances are the most critical component of your checklist for moving overseas. You will have several expenses immediately after moving abroad. You must open a new bank account in the new country.

Analyze your living situation

While waiting for visa approval, analyze the things in your current place and start making a list of things you need to donate or sell during your move abroad. Also if you are planning to buy a new house or property in your destination then you may need finance for that so consider selling your existing house. Sign a lease 2 weeks before you move abroad so they can clean your place by the time you land. Since you will be going to a completely different place, its essential to have your own space in that country.

Also get an idea of weather in your new place so you won\’t be surprised to see extreme chilled weather after landing. It\’s essential to make your research done and have your living state analyzed beforehand.

Stay updated on visa process and country’s embassy

Whether you are handling the visa application process by yourself or getting it done with professional help, you need to stay updated on where the process is and how much more time it will get to finalize your move. Visa application deadlines are very sensitive since if you miss the deadline one time, it will be the whole process again so avoid this by staying updated on process all the time.

Your visa application process depends on what kind of visa you have applied for. If it\’s a work visa or work permit then it will take more than 4-6 months and if it\’s a study visa, you will have to wait more than 2 months. Immigration consultancies are famous because people normally seek help from them. Learning so many things and visa and law can confuse and add more stress on moving abroad so their services are mostly helpful. 

Why and How to Hire an Expert

There are many expert immigration consultancy who have certified lawyers and experienced counselors. They know the visa job and how to make the application process smooth. It’s no issues with them since an applicant can manage their other worries such as selling or buying a house during visa application. The consultancy provides  updates on recent news, process changes, immigration laws and applications to make sure applicants get the smooth process towards their visa application. 

Non-shocking fact that India has many immigration consultancies, given the world ratio. Want to know why? Well, India has the highest rate of emigration. Analysis of the UN Migrant Stock Database shows that the population of Indians living abroad has grown steadily since 1990 to reach 1.80 crore by 2020. 

We are the largest diaspora community in the world since India essentially sends millions of immigrants to other countries every year. 

After demonstrating how the checklist benefits us and why we should take it into account before deciding on the country as our dream destination, we will now investigate in a future blog the statistics of Indians going abroad each year, how many of them seek professional assistance, and the journey of Indian to become the largest diaspora population in the world. 

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