Migrate to Hong Kong Through QMAS Visa

Hong Kong a country which is known for its history of welcoming international workers. In this country you will not feel discriminated because of your nationality, the people of Hong Kong are very friendly they treat you equally no matter you are local or an immigrant. Hong Kong offers great career opportunities and lifestyle to every immigrant who migrates there, it provides you excellent work opportunities in various fields or sectors such as Financial Sector, IT OR Tech, advertising, Human Resources, and so many other sectors too.

QMAS Visa Hong Kong

Hong Kong QMAS visa is one of the best options for overseas immigrant workers who are highly skilled in their respective work fields and willing to settle down their careers in Hong Kong. Quality Migrant Admission Scheme is a point-based program where you are given points based on certain factors such as qualification, age, language proficiency, dependents, and work experience. You have to score at least 80/195 points in the general test or you have to score 195 points in the Achievement Based Points Test.

Under Quality Migrant Admission Scheme you get certain benefits such as:

  • Migrate to Hong Kong without any job offer
  • You can permanently settle in Hong Kong
  • You get chance to work in a field in which you always wanted to
  • Can bring your family to Hong Kong

Eligibility Criteria for a Hong Kong QMAS Visa

If you want to immigrate to Hong Kong under a Qmas visa then you have to meet eligibility requirements mentioned below:-

Work Experience

You need to have at least two years of work Experience

Academic Qualification

To be eligible for Qmas visa you should have a first-class degree in Bachelor’s or Master’s from a reputed and recognized university/college

Language Proficiency

Applicants should have good command over their language, to prove language proficiency you have to take IELTS/TOEFL exam.


Your age should be in between 18 years to 50 years only then you will be eligible to apply for Hong Kong QMAS Visa

Points based test

You have to score at least 80/195 points in the general test or you have to score 195 points in the Achievement Based Points Test.

Financial Requirements

You have to meet financial requirements of the immigration process to prove to immigration authorities that you are financially independent and can take care of yourself and your dependents financially without the help of government.

How to apply for Hong Kong QMAS Visa?

To apply for Hong Kon Qmas Visa, follow these seven steps:-

Submit your documents

You have to submit your documents for ECA (Educational Credential Assessment), this is done to evaluate whether your educational qualification meets the academic standard of Hong Kong.

Fill out the application

You have to fill out your Qmas visa application form, while submitting your application form don’t forget to attach all necessary documents.

Submit Your Application

After you fill out your visa application form you have to submit it. HKSAR will evaluate your visa application, it may take some time.

Application Selection

Once your application is approved, Hong Kong immigration authorities proceed on with visa processing and conduct a seat or quota allocation selection procedure. The applicants who score the highest point get selected.

Invitation to Apply

After your visa application is selected, you will receive a letter of invitation from the immigration authorities. If you receive a letter of invitation it means you are eligible to apply for Hong Kong Qmas Visa.

Interview Call

You must appear for an interview with Hong Kong immigration authorities; this will be your final exam; if you clear the interview without difficulty, you will be granted a work visa.

Fee Payment

If you qualify in the interview, after that you have to finish the remaining formalities and at last, you have to make your visa fee payment.

Necessary documents for QMAS Visa

If you are willing to immigrate to Hong Kong under Quality Migrant Admission Scheme then you should have all the documentation which are mentioned below:-

  • Before immigrating to Hong Kong, you have to prove that you have good command over your language.
  • Need to present all academic credentials
  • You should have a valid passport with a complete travel history
  • You will not be able to immigrate to Hong Kong if you do not have a police clearance certificate.
  • Your occupation should lie under the talent list of Hong Kong
  • Need to show your financial funds to prove that you are financially stable
  • Have to show documents to support your work experience
  • Educational Credentials are mandatory to show

How BOI Services can help you?

BOI Services is one of the best consultancy in Delhi, we are providing our services for the last 10 years. We have one of the finest and experienced team of immigration experts who can assist you to immigrate to Hong Kong. BOI Services can help you with:

  • We can help you with the documentation
  • We will guide you throughout the visa application process
  • Follow up & updates on your visa process
  • Job search assistance for better possibilities to secure a job in Hong Kong
  • We will help you to fill out your application and forms for the visa process
  • We will also provide you with relocation and post-landing support in Hong Kong.

We all know very well that immigration is not an easy process that we can accomplish on our own. You will surely need the help of an immigration consultant for the procedure of immigration. BOI Services is the most trusted and best consultancy in Delhi, we will provide you with quality services. No other consultants can provide you with better immigration consultation than we do.

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