International student life in Canada

International student life in Canada

Canada is the best destination for international students, in Canada one-fifth of the students population is from overseas countries around the world. Canada has a world-class education system, Canadian universities provide opportunities to every single student no matter whether they are a Canadian citizen or belong to any other nationality. This country provides better career prospects, the world’s best education, cultural diversity, and high quality of life.

Every year more than 5 lakh students come to Canada for their higher studies. In the picturesque nation, international student life is all about premier education, city and social life, diverse culture, Different spoken languages, food, and accommodation. In this blog, we will discuss, international student life in Canada, problems faced by Indian students in Canada, and the benefits of studying in Canada.

Student Life in Canada

Each Canadian university will offer you opportunities to learn and grow, in college or university your daily schedule will be packed with gaining practical as well as theoretical knowledge of your respective field or course. Other than attending classes, you will get opportunities to enhance your skill set which will be useful in the future. While you are pursuing your course in university, your days will be occupied by lectures and labs, workshops, or tutorials.

This is what your student life will be like, here you will have a mix of learning and with that, you will also get chances to implement your knowledge and learning in the real work environment. If you ever face any type of issue in your assignment, workshop, or have any questions, you can meet your professors and they will help you with your problem or issue. This all thing will prepare you for your future career, and getting a degree from a Canadian university will surely boost your career.

Indian student life in Canada

Canadian culture is mostly influenced by French and British traditions but it is also progressive, and always had an openness toward immigration which means in Canada you will surely see diversity in Culture. If you think Indian student life in Canada will be difficult because of cultural differences, then you are wrong because Canada is a multicultural nation. It has always been an immigrant-friendly nation that welcomes people without seeing their nationality, culture, and religion. While leaving in Canada as an international student, you will learn about different cultures and beliefs, you will learn different ways of living life.

Social life in Canada of International Students

As an international student at starting you may face a little bit of arduous in your social life but with time you will get settled and you will make new friends. Your social life will begin once you find accommodation in Canada, finding accommodation in Canada will not be a tough job because Canada welcomes immigrants with an open hearts, citizens of Canada treat you like a family you will surely find accommodation that you like. You will be excited to know that a large population of Canada are Indian immigrants, so life in Canada for Indian students will be easy.

Sometimes finding good accommodation is the problem faced by international students in Canada, so if you face this problem you don’t have to worry. Once you land in Canada visit the international student office, they will help you to find accommodation in-country.

Weather of Canada

Weather or climate is the main problem faced by overseas students in Canada, it may take some time before you get used to the weather of Canada. The northern provinces of Canada are extremely cold, in these provinces summer lasts only for two months.

If you are moving to the southern part of Canada then you don’t have to worry because in the southern region weather is warm and humid. Higher temperatures in the southern region are nearly 79°F and in winter 32°F. The summer season of Canada adds placidly to the life of Indians as well as all other international students.

Benefits of studying in Canada for Indian students

Canada is a very popular overseas study destination in India, There are lots of benefits available to studying in Canada, such as they can work while doing their studies also. In this paragraph, you can read more benefits of studying in Canada.

Qualifications valued around the world

In Canada, you will get a world-class education, any degree, diploma, or certificate which you get from the universities of Canada is equal to the qualification presented in the universities of the USA, UK, Germany, and other leading countries.

Work while studying in Canada

If you have a Canadian study visa then you can work while studying also, as an international student, you can work nearly 20 hours a week. You don’t need any separate work permit if you have a Canadian study visa.

Job opportunities in Canada

Those students who get their graduation degree from any reputed university in Canada, will not face any problem in finding a job. According to a report, nearly 90% of students who get their graduation degree from Canadian universities secure jobs within six months after finishing their graduation. Canada has a booming economy and there is a scarcity of human resources, because of this getting or securing a job in Canada is quite easy.

Possibility of Immigration

The main benefit of studying in Canada for Indian students is the possibility of Immigration. Once you complete your studies, you can apply for Canada permanent residency without leaving Canada. You will surely get better career opportunities in Canada as compared to your native country or city.

Affordable Cost

Education in Canada is comparatively cheaper in comparison to other western countries. Tuition fees in Canada are quite low because the cost of education in Canada is way more affordable in comparison to other developed countries. Any Indian middle-class family can afford the study expenses of their child in Canada, paying the fees is never becomes a burden for students and their families.

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