Immigration to Canada

Immigration to Canada from India as Skilled worker

Canada a country that is also called a paradise for immigrants, it’s one of the most desired country for every immigrant. The immigration policies of Canada are very relaxed which attracts people around the world who is actually looking for migration to overseas countries. Every year the counting of migrants in Canada is increasing at a rapid speed and in the future, it will increase more because Canada’s government is planning to ease the rules and regulations for migration through this step they want to invite more immigrants into their country.

According to a report, in 2019 before Covid-19 affected the rules and regulations of travelling in Canada, that time one-fourth of all new immigrants of Canada arrived from India. If you are an Indian with work skills in any field and you are willing to migrate to Canada then you should know that there are so many benefits of living in Canada as it offers you stable economic growth, you can become financially independent there, you will get free health services, and world-class education within your budget.

Immigration to Canada as a skilled worker

If you are a skilled worker and want to migrate to Canada and make your career there, then you will be excited to know that Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) gives priority to skilled workers from all over the world. Canada controls the Immigration of skilled workers under the Canada Express Entry System. IRCC provides invitations to those candidates who scores highest in the Express Entry Pool.

The candidates who scored higher marks in the Express Entry Pool for those candidates IRCC issues invitations under some specific programs like:-

  1. Canada Experience Class
  2. Provincial Express Entry Categories
  3. Federal Skilled Worker

Easiest way to immigrate to Canada

Here are the most popular and easiest programs that will help you to immigrate to Canada:-

1. Express Entry

Express Entry program is one of the most popular and promising immigration program in Canada, applicants who applies under this program they can get permanent residence status in Canada as soon as 6 months. If you are submitting your application under the Express Entry program then you should know that you needs to be eligible under one of Canada’s Federal Streams. When the Canadian government finds you eligible under one of the federal system only then they issues an invitation to apply for permanent residency in their country.

2. Provincial Nominee Program

This immigration program is helpful for those skilled workers who are willing to migrate to Canada. If you have work skills in any specific field, contains a certain year of work experience, you are also well educated and qualified and at the end, if you are willing to live in the province and in future, wants to be the permanent residence of Canada, then this program is just for you.

3. Business Immigration

If you have your own business or you contain experience in business managing then you can directly apply for immigration under provincial or federal business immigration program. The Canadian government prefers those immigrants who are willing to be self-employed or start a business in Canada.

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