Canada CRS score

How to increase Canada CRS score?

Canada which is one of the most popular country for people who are looking for overseas career opportunities. If you are also willing to apply for a Canada visa then you should know that Canada Express Entry immigration system is very competitive. Those applicants who scores the highest CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System), only they get the invitations to apply for PR status.

If you want to apply for a Canada visa but you are hesitating because of your low or bad CRS score, don’t be afraid because you can increase your Canada CRS score. We will help you to improve your CRS score, we will tell you the best ways to improve your Canada CRS score.

Ways to Improve CRS score

If you want Canadian permanent residency then firstly without reluctant consider the Express Entry pool as the beginning of your journey to get Canadian PR. There are so many ways to improve CRS score for Canada while you are in Express Entry pool:

1. Improve your education qualification

To improve CRS score candidates should try to gain more education qualifications, it may take some time to complete but it will surely help you to boost your CRS score. Through this way, you can gain more human capital points.

2. Increase work experience

If you are applying for a Canadian visa but you do not possess more than three years of work experience, in that situation you should try to gain at least one or two years of work experience. By gaining more work experience you can score more points under skills transferability category.

3. Work on language proficiency

This is one of the easiest way to boost CRS score, work on your communication skills and try to be proficient in it, through this you can improve your CRS score. Suppose if you have proficiency in English language then you can work on your French language skills, this will also help you to improve your CRS score.

4. Try to get a job offer in Canada

If you have a job offer before you fly to Canada, this can be a good idea but you should know that if you actually want to improve your CRS score through this way, then you should meet some basic eligibility otherwise it will be of no use. Your job offer needs to be a full-time continuous paid employment for at least one year, you need to show the proof of your job offer in writing from your employer.

5. Hire an employment professional

you are trying hard to get a job but unable to find it, so hire an employment professional. They will guide you to improve your digital resume and they will also assist you in finding a job in Canada. They will regulate your profile and find a job that matches your requirements. CRS score for Canada visa can be improved through this way also.

How CRS score is calculated?

CRS scores calculation is basically based on the information provided by candidates in their profile or application. CRS score helps immigration authorities to put candidates in different pools. Candidates are given points based on the following factors:

  • Human Capital factors
  • Spouse or common-law partner factors
  • Skill transferability
  • Education qualification
  • Work experience
  • Language proficiency in English and French

Human capital and Spouse or common-law partner factors

Candidates who are applying for a visa they can earn a maximum of 500 points under these two factors.

Skill transferability

Under this category, any candidate can earn a maximum of 250 points. Candidate’s skillset matters most if he/she wants to gain maximum points under this category.


A candidate can earn a maximum of 150 points for his/her education qualification. If you have a doctoral standard university credential only in that situation any candidate can score 150 points. The lower the educational qualification, the less marks you will get.

Work experience

For Canadian work experience, Candidates who are migrating with their spouse/common-law partner they can earn a maximum of 70 points under this category, and candidates who are migrating without their spouse/common-law partner they can score a maximum of 80 points under this category.

Language proficiency

Candidates who possess a high level of communication skills in English or French they can get 50 points. These points will depend on your language test score.


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